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Where to find a scale??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingjames1123, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Ok, I did a search of the threads and typed in "Where to buy a scale?". The search function proceeded to say the words Where, to, buy, and a were all too common and it only searched for the keyword scale. I've also tried this with multiple phrases, which is why I am now just creating a new thread. Just want a simple fairly cheap little scale. Can I get them at a store like walmart or any kind of chain store? Thanks in advance for the help and toke until you choke!:smoking:

    O yeah, preferably a digital scale
  2. just go to your local smokeshop

    you could probably get a scale from walmart, but it probably wont be accurate enough for weighing bud, i think they only sell scales for cooking
  3. Every single variety store in my area sells scales, grinders, bongs, etc.

  4. Thank you, although there aren't really many headshops in my area (small town) and the nearest one is over an hour away. I mean I have heard that walmart carries postal scales but I am not sure if they weigh out in grams at all.
  5. I bought my scale off of Amazon for i think $7. It is a pocket scale, and works perfectly.
  6. you can try wal-mart but the ones in my area didn't have what I needed, you can try and find one on here (grasscity) or look on amazon, or next time you go to a big enough area just pick one up

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