Where to feed plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seeofgreen, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. I have been feeding my plants by filling up the plant try and not watering on top(but not allways) is this good or bad?

    My plants never looked like it hurt them so thats how its been for the last 3 times i grown.

    My buddy said its not good so i said id like to read that but he never showed me.
    It seem like my plants get the food faster so im stickin to it.
    When i use plan water i water from the top to flush them.

    So any GOOD/BAD i need to know....thanks
  2. can you elaborate more?......you fill them up?.....what do you mean, i just add the nutes in the soil, at the base of the stalk........Peace out..........Sid

  3. Im saying that i fill the plastic tray(drip tray)that the plant pot sits in. you know,its for when you over water ya plant.

    So by doing this i get the food to the plant faster because roots go to bottom of pot.

    Hope this helps or i can take a pic.
  4. i understand, but how many times do you fill that tray with water and how do you measure out your nutes? it makes sense to me, but isnt it a lot of tray filling??

  5. I measure my nutes by mixing in a i gal.milk jug.
    And i feed my two plants(well one now) a half gal. each.

    Then in 4-5 dasys i water (just water)the same way,ill tell ya my plant grow so fast by doing this they get fed alot faster and i know how much they get and need.

    Watering from the top is hard to tell if you over did it or never gave them enuff.(i have a water tester)
  6. sounds like a good idea, i dont suppose very possible in a scrog type situation? and you obviously have used the method in your posted grow in the journals? do you use chem ferts? have you tried this with organic nutes?
  7. well i don't use a tray for ferting so it's in the top of the soil.......Peace out........Sid
  8. So i guess this is not a bad thing?i must be the only one.

    Hey naughtydread,i use 20-20-20 fert(powder form)mixed with water then i fill the plant trays.
    I dont think ill go back to watering on top again unless im flushing.

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