Where to buy water pump?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Stryder85, May 18, 2010.

  1. looking for a 500gph water pump...
  2. There is this thing called google that can assist you. I was gonna post a link but there are TWO MANY of them!!!!!!!!!
  3. I guess i forgot to specify...Where would i find the cheapest water pumps at? i know how to use google, so the smart ass comments aren't necessary.
  4. get a pond pump from B&Q
  5. Take a look at the power heads at Marine Depot. Good prices, great service:wave:
  6. Pond or pool section at most Homedepots, Lowe's, or Orchard Supply Hardware/hydroponics :)

  7. Thanks fellow blades i have found one that will suit me well.
  8. Well, lets see it. jeez :eek: ;) :wave:

  9. I bought this brand but a smaller version on Amazon also for my DIY ez cloner system and is has been working like a champ. I also ordered stuff like the neoprene inserts some clonex gel to get free shipping, hey i need it all any way and I got it tax free!

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