where to buy seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wazoo42o, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I need to buy high quality strains and i need them shipped to Florida usa, what sites are trusted?

    Also i want a strain that is feminized and goes from seed to bud ASAP even if the harvest is very small.
    I've considered getting feminized auto flowering seeds from Nirvana seeds but wanted to ask you guys.
  2. Attitude !!
  3. I second Attitude.
  4. I'll definitely check them out
  5. Nirvana or Attitude, both very popular companies
  6. Just got my order from Attitude, it took a week during the Christmas season! Best selection and prices, their free seeds are the best.
  7. True the free seeds Is a huge plus IMO
  8. What auto flowering feminized seeds would you guys suggest?
  9. Dinafem seems to be a great Auto breeder to go with, I have one of their auto white widows going and it's a strong plant so far and germinated fast. They have a few different strains that are feminized autos other than white widow though so look around to what suits you.
  10. attitude is the only one i trust.
  11. I'm checking out attitude, cool that i can buy one seed for around $10 and ill get a free seed too and i can pay a little extra for discreet shipping
  12. HERBIES is another really good site! If your only buying one seed you'll get three free. And super fast shipping!
  13. So what is it guys? Herbies or attitude? Idk if i wanna grow fom seed or clone but if single seed orders are possible...
  14. Attitude is the best for sure
    I go to world wide seed bank just because they are cheaper, but for qualities sake, go to attitude.

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