where to buy privacy poly?

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by woodtick420, May 5, 2011.

  1. Any tips on where I can buy poly wrap or panels for a green house? also what is the kind called that you cant see that good through? also will these still let the light in ok?? Thanks a mill.
  2. Home Depot! Tell em your building a green house and unless you have dreads and reek of herb it'll be ok.
  3. Even if you did...if you live in a state where they stake out home depot then MOVE!
  4. so not having dreads and reeking of weed means you'll be okay?:rolleyes:
  5. they're expensive, but as far as i know the BEST option for greenhouse glazing, look up solexx panels online, look into those
    also, if you have the space, build a walipini greenhouse, then you can grow year round with the sun, even in colder climates
    of course if you're in soCal or somewhere nice like that, then the greenhouse is really only for hiding what your growing isn't it?
  6. Yeah those walipini greenhouses are the way to go, I am doing a modified version that is a lot easier and works for lower ground. I am simply putting a bank of dirt around mine with a bobcat, I live in a swampy area and any hole will get water in it.
  7. sounds nice, let me know how it works, for better insulation you could look up ICF walls, basically two layers of foam filled with concrete, SUPER insulating, i think if you did that and then backfilled, that'd work pretty well
    good luck man
  8. Lowes has cheaper panels ive found especially when JEW shopping, :)
    32 per panel at DOME DEPOT and 26$ at lowes. good deal.

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