Where to buy plastic screening for Scrog grow??

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  1. Hi, I've been researching Scrog setups the past couple days and I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase that orange(or other colored) plastic fencing/screening stuff you see at like a construction or road work sites? It seems like it would be pretty sturdy and easy to work with, but I can't recall seeing it at a store ever. If nothing else I may have to drive around until I find a fenced off pothole or something ;) I guess that would be easy and cheap haha. Also chicken wire seems like it might be a good alternative
    Any thoughts/advice?
  2. Home Depot, Lowe's will most likely have what you are looking for. I know in Professional Greenhouses most tall crops have trellis hand strung. String or a thin rope is used and a grid is tied. To do this you need two side wires, rope or heavy duty string. Then you tie string to one of the outside lines then tie to other side. As plants grow you can tie other layers of trellis. The end result if looking down upon the crop would look like an overly large Tic Tac Toe board or grid. GooD Luck.
  3. lowes hardware has some in the back of the garden section on the row next to all of the lime and fertilizers. Most lowes are laid out the same. It is a roll of 25 feet x 2 feet with 2 inch holes, it is green in color and runs about 15 dollars for the roll. hope this helps!
  4. Thank you guys for your help :)
    I'm definitely gonna have to head over to lowes soon and look for that plastic stuff. If I can't find any or if I decide its too expensive I may revert to the string/rope screen idea. Do you all know anything about Super tea or Budswel? Just curious
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  6. OK you can build a screen out of PVC pipe and string for under 10 bucks. It cost me about 6 bucks and 1 hour of time. Buy enough pipe to make a 6ft by 6 ft square, so buy 4 8ft pieces of 1 inch pipe.Also get 4 elbows and string. Go home cut the 4 pieces of pipe down to 6 feet or leave them 8 feet then drill holes every 3 inches. Assemble the pipe and elbows into a square and then begin to lace the string into the pipe, you should end up with a 3 inch grid.

    Suspend the square with more PVC or whatever works for you. This grid works great, block almost no light, and is easy on the plant. It is also easy to replace string and take apart. Forget the construction fencing.

    I searched PVC scrog and found this.
  7. Is the string lust laced through the holes like a shoelace? That seems like a pretty genious idea. Thank you for explaining that to me in detail, I just may have to do that instead

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