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Where to buy my next pipe...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by k2rigs, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I'm located in West Central Indiana. I want to buy a high quality glass bowl/pipe. I'd like to have a handblown colorchanging one. Or even just one that is a unique design. But to be totally honest I'd love to have one made to my specs and color choices... size and all! oes anyone have any idea where I can go to have one made or where i can order one? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. well custom pieces are a really lot of money and i wouldnt recomend one becuase you could get one from a headshop for 1/4 of the price of a custom one and it lasts just as long. Plus you sound new to smoking and you might drop it or have you parents take it.
    Just go to a headshop/smokeshop and check out the glass they have there. I garrenty youl find one you like. Or if theres no headshops near you just buy one online.

    Things to look for in a glass peice are
    1-thickness, the thicker the better but expect to pay more for thicker pipes
    2-length, the longer the pipe the smoother the hit
    3-type of pipe, if you want portable get a spoon, for portable plus smoothness get a bubbler because of the filtration, for maximum filtration get a bong, and for the most portable and most easyest to conciel get a chillum.
    4-price, the more you spend usualy the better the pipe.
    you will know instantly after looking at a pipe if you want it or not, when i walk into a headshop my eyes instantly drift to the pipe i want. Just take it out and look at it and hold it.
    You will know if it feels right, its kinda hard to explane but you just KNOW in your head if its the right pipe for you
  3. well, im not new to smoking, its just been a while since I have. I just recently got back into smoking more frequently. I had been using a one hitter and now I kinda want a bowl thats kinda personalize. And uhhh, I dont think my parents will take it since I'm 23 and have my own 129 acre farm and my own place... so that wont be a problem.

    I guess I'll describe what i'm looking for. i want and inside out piece. clear with blue/green inside. Kind of a frit design. But I'm wanting the frit to be in the shape of "K2". kind of a raised bowl design too. So if anyone knows where i can find a custom maker, let me know.
  4. hey but if you go to buy one, don't buy one that has ripples in the glass, ANYWHERE, unless it's the design. that's a sign of a bad blower and it will break easy
    there my 2 cents.
  5. my bad dude, i didnt mean to offend you i just assumed sense this was in apprentice tokers. sorry about that.
    on another not. I have no idea where to get a custom piece but a good place to start looking is your headshop, just ask the guy there if theres any blowers near by that they have the number for. and if they dont just check you phonebook for glassblowers.
    peace dude
    hope this helped
  6. check out

    low prices but high quality stuff, better than all my friends pipes.

    i got my last pipe for $30...would have cost well over $100 at headshops and some internet sites.
  7. I totally rep'd u for this! I jut got on there and there are clearence ones for like... $10... and they are nice good ones! Definately what I was looking for!
  8. No offense taken, its all good bro. And ya, so I looked up glassblowers locally and found out that it is illegal for a glassblower to make a smoking pipe in indiana.... wtf?
  9. Thanks man, its where I've bought all my pieces.
    they are crazy good for the price.

    only problem is i never get a response from customer service.
    hmmmm...they must be smokin?

    the "Psychedelic" piece was miss printed for $5 yesterday.
    damn i thought that sounded low. ha
    last time they send me the wrong pipe, but it was moreee expensive!! I was like fuck it, I'm smoking outta this..... its MINE!

    I love the damn thing.
  10. Central Indiana? Go to Broad Ripple man. 62 and College. Best neighborhood in
    the Indiananapolis area. 20 past for and more off college, Magic Bus off 62nd, Teapot of 64th and college, headlines across from the magic bus (only good for hookahs, some PHx bongs in there too). You'll find something man...

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