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Where To Buy Hemp Wick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoneyJatt, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hey, I wana start using hemp wick because it's much better for you than using lighters. But I was wondering where should I buy hemp wick like do head shops sell them? Humboldt traders looks really good but if I shipped it to my house then my parents or someone in my family might open it when the hemp wick ships to my house. I really wana get the hemp wick lighter/disposal. But since I can't get that because of the shipping so I was wondering if head shops near me do sell hemp wick would they be good enough quality.

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    I feel like pretty much 90% of things in general I get, I buy off of Amazon. For me, it's free shipping, and it's usually quality because I can check out the ratings and get reliable shipping. So...can't help you there.
    You could say it's just twine for a "project," if you're living at home, as far as shipping goes. 
  3. Headshops sell them. Hell, if I buy stuff they usually throw in small packs for free.
  4. Thanks for the replies, im gonna buy the hemp wick from a head shop they should be good.
  5. You can get Humboldt hemp wick on eBay and you get it in envelope.
    Did this on Amazon.  Came in a plain envelope, with a Sticker and their card.  They're a really solid business, and they make great Hemp wick.  :smoke:
  7. Thanks, but I actually found a good cannabis store near me and they sell good quality hemp wick!
  8. if you buy from amazon (or other online shopping) the item may have an option to ship to a pick-up location so that you dont have to worry about parents opening ur stuff(btw opening someone elses mail is highly illegal). i sometimes order thing to a shoppers drug mart near me and they hold packages for 15 days

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