Where to buy good feminized seeds?

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    I was looking at this website : Northern Lights (fem) - ILGM but a fellow blade advised me that it appeared to be bullshit (upon further review, I concur) So, I was wondering where you fine people acquire your feminized and genetisized seeds if you don't have access to them. I would like to order feminized seeds from a strain I have some familiarity with as well so I can tailor it's grow to the strain. Has anyone had luck with Sensible Seeds? Particularly in any of the less friendly states in America???

    I'm seeing on Sensible Seeds that you can select which seed bank to order from? There are obviously some I recognize by name (Sensi Seeds, Delta 9, THSeeds, Dutchmen) any recommendations as far as which bank and what a good yielding, fairly easy to grow stain would be. I have intermediate experience and prefer the old classic strains. But I do want feminized so I know I'll have be getting some kind of hybrid, and I don't think auto-flowering is necessary, I plan to have HPS and MH and timers so inducing flower with the lights is not hard. any tips would be greatly appreciated...

    Pure Kush Seeds | Original Sensible Seeds

    i'm thinking these girls
  2. I've heard good things regarding Attitude and Nirvana.

    Aside from a reliable seed bank, I'm also curious what options might be available to PayPal or Mastercard users. I've checked multiple seed banks, but none of them accept those methods. What other options are there?
  3. If you are open to auto flower strains Mephisto Genetics are without question the best of the best. They are now shipping from within the US and take one of the above named payment methods.
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  4. Is the only difference in an "auto-flowering" plant is that you don't have to change the light cycles?? Do you have a link for that site? And you still obviously do change the light cycles eventually or switch over to the HPS and give them full 18 hours throughout their lifetime to promote as much vegetable growth as possible?

    edit: are auto-flowering also feminized? and therefore doubly expensive...i'm really liking the ones I found at Sensible Seeds actually from Original Sensible Seeds bank and feminized, only fifty bucks for 10. Pure Kush Seeds | Original Sensible Seeds Anybody? I will look into the two you mentioned BH and also Mephisto Genetics, HB
  5. ::googles Mephisto Genetics and sees "extract grade":: ooooo i'm such a sucker for good advertising

    Would anybody recommend getting a mix n match pack just to try out a couple different strains and see what I look or what this just be difficult depending on how different the strains are? there's probably no way to tell with a grab bag like that
  6. Hey man I just got my seeds narcotic kush and purple kush from the UK seedbank. It took almost a damn month buy they made it and most importantly made it without authorities attention. But try that one out man, I was doing the same thing you are asking around everywhere to make sure and not get fucked out of cash or go to jail lol. But I took the risk and it worked man so I'd try that if your in a discreet situation like I was.

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  7. I'm from America as well forgot to mention.

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  8. Mephisto Genetics

    I grow with a straight 24/0 till the last week or two of the grow using a MarsHydro 300w old model LED. I then just knock it down to 20/4. Here is my last Mephisto Genetics Sour Crack grown in a little 3.5 gallon DWC bubble bucket. She was chopped 64 days from sprout and the yield was 1,030 grams wet! She was around 21" tall and 30"+ wide.
    SourCrackDay64 - Copy.jpg
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  9. I also just used my debit card. I know it's stupid but I could always use the "it was stolen I didn't order that shit to my house" although I have no idea how that would play out I was just desperate.

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  10. Just got my order in today from herbies seeds.

    Always reliable.

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  11. Cropking seeds ships to the US and quickly not a large selection though.
    And the vault is good too. As far as autos go . mephisto and dutch passion have good yielding strains of autos
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  12. Would
    As far as I know just having seeds is legal. They can stop them in customs but I've seen sites with guaranteed and the links posted above from UK sites seem legit. I Ordered some feminized iced grapefruit seeds several years ago from overseas and they came in a DVD case labeled as a DVD and arrived fairly quickly considering. On ordering all my lights and DW see kits online from Amazon because the prices absolutely slaughter my local shop. I guess I need to start a new thread for some tips on my gross set up. I was just going to go with what I know which is a HPS bulb with reflector and 5 gallon DWC with HEC as my medium. I'm gonna do either Dutchmaster hydro nutes or go with General Hydroponics (I think it's 3-part) used Foxfarm last time and it was just to chemically and strong for hydroponics IMO. I am going to switch between high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights this time as well as add in some side CFL's. I'm working with 44 inches wide by 24 inches deep and about 8 feet tall. I think I can fit four buckets with one reservoir bucket and plummet myself to make it easier to drain and then use the reservoir bucket with a palm possibly depending on price to recirculate the nudes and make changing water a breeze. IM copying and pasting this a for a new thread in the right place. Any tips would be awesome
  13. Oh and I plan to start my seeds in rockwool cubes in a small covered seedling tray on a heat mat (if necessary) with a couple cheap fluorescents to get them started then go straight into the six-inch baskets in the DWC buckets. Metal halide first then high-pressure sodium during flowering and I've been reading about the auto flowering but it's nothing to me to force flowering by changing the light cycle. Guessing it allows for more vegetative And bloom production
  14. She's beautiful. I want four of her twice that size. So 400watt MH/HPS light ;found a whole setup for around the same price as the MarsHyrdo you're talking about although I have looked at those with 5 gal instead of 3.5 and adding in red/blues towards the end around the sides was my plan. And plumbing and designing the drain system sounds easy in theory but I have a feeling it will prove difficult. I want : The four buckets to be plumbed to drain by gravity into a reservoir (or through the floor and out the house much to everyone's disagreement) and then be able to fill one bucket and have that fill my other buckets. All the same PH, all the same nute levels. Although I don't know if being able to tailor nutes for plants needs outweighs the giant pain in the ass it is to replace water with giant plants in the way every week.
  15. When I started with DWC I followed the weekly bucket change "rule" that most insisted on. Following advice of a couple of seasoned hydro growers I have only done a couple of complete bucket changes on this whole grow and it was much more stable and much less hassle, just my 2cents!
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  16. REEEeeaaallllly?????? Huh... OK. I mean the plants are eating and using the nutrients, the water is being agitated by the air stones, and you're adding new material all the time. You don't change the water in a fish tank until it gets nasty and that certainly isn't every week. Makes perfect sense. I still need a way to change and drain my buckets when they're going to be full of huge bushes and handfuls of roots :):ahhh yess....sooon::) I remember on my last grow, one of us holding the ladies up in the air and the other rushing to dump and pour and mix and then test. i'm pretty mechanically inclined how hard could it be to be plumb just drains into a res but thats the easy part... i want to fill them all back up with the same ease....any ideas..i'm working on my full thread about starting my grow. i shouldn't be afraid to start a grow journal should i ? honestly i'm not, i just don't see a task force dedicated to trolling pot forums looking for every schmo trying to grow some bud in his closet....and if they are i'm a very small fry. what do you think about that? best to just keep it to myself? i mean not that there would be any plausible deniability anway...
  17. Feminized vs Auto vs Regular ????? opinion, pros, cons...i'm thinking just spending the xtra $, getting some good Fem seeds from a good site, thank you StayBlzed, those seem very good, but I'll have to look tomorrow AM. brain wants to keep researching and scheming, but the body must sleep
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  18. just placed my order from herbies!
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  19. ooops forgot this;

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