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Where to buy bong, pipe in Shanghai? Head shop?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by aqua_lung, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Anyone know of a head shop in Shanghai? Where one can purchase smoking accessories such as bongs, pipes, and rolling papers in this city?

  2. the place is called taobao. 
  3. Yeah, the good ol' internet.
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    If you get desperate poke tiny holes in a can with a small sharp object for a sort of pipe. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful and I probably pretty unhealthy tho but what smoking is also you don't want to chop to finely or it may pull through before its lit hope that helps, *edit*Previous posts didn't load earlier
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    Some friends and I started a store (located in Shanghai) for expats in China to buy bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories.

    (We're way cheaper than the few headshops around Shanghai, Also, we provide cash on delivery or pick up by yourself, you don't need to pay online.)
  6. Don't go there.  They will drug you put you on a boat as slave labor in an effort to find new lands.
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     But I don't know how to pay it online, can I pay you cash after I get my stuff? Or do you guys have a real store in Shanghai?
  8. How about you take a walk around the city.
    I'm a 100% sure that you'll find something.

    A friend went to china, he brought me a handmade bamboo bong. I think it was meant for opium but still worked. I love that bong.
  9. lol all you have to do is walk around. night markets in hong kong got a shitload of decent ones.
  10. I give my vote to 
    Cool couple and super helpful for shanghai n00bs, such as myself.

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