Where to buy beginner cannabis seed for cheap

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  1. I am located in the United State in Georgia and I'm trying to grow cannabis my own. Where should I purchase that is cheap with good quality that ships to the united states? Most my concern is shipping is expensive lol. But any suggestion for a beginner like me? money can be budget for me as of right now.Also the choice of regular, feminized, and auto flowering. procedures and instruction are helpful too.
  2. thedankteam has some hso 3-5 packs for pretty cheap...they also have laplata dgog for 60 a 10 pack which is one of my favs...they're in the us so cheap shipping and no customs
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  3. I've found shipping to cost maybe...$12 on average from Europe. If $12 is going to break your bank then you should probs wait until you're in better financial position to grow. I've had great success with Female Seeds Co genetics but there are tons of good breeders and vendors.

    Try The Vault Seed Bank.
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    Seeds are cheap. Where else can you get ounces of weed for $10 plus delivery?
    If your going to grow you'll need the equipment anyways. Seeds are a drop in the bucket. Make seeds or get photo periods and clone. Then that small investment will go even further.
  5. Critical from Bulk Seed Bank, works out to like $5 a seed FEMINIZED and its very tough and easy to grow.

    Critical Seeds | Bulk Seeds

  6. The single seed center. Seeds start around $2 and you can get one or more. They have alot to choose from, but shipping is kinda high but if it gets intercepted by customs they will try again. Ive ordered a few times and shipping has been about 10 days or less

  7. The Vault

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  8. Not cheap when your trying to buy hundreds or thousands :( lol
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  9. Exactly!
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  10. Shipping within the US is 4 to 7 dollars.
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