Where to buy a Chong Bong?

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  1. I've been looking for about a month and have yet to find a legitimate Chong bong that wasnt outrageous in price. I understand theyre $700+, but one guy told me $2000 :S

    Does anybody know a good place to look, or knoe of somebody who's looking to sell theirs? Any help is appreciated!
  2. boromarket is probably your best bet...
  3. Yeah, get a sub to boromarket. Its 50$, but thats a modest price and you know there won't be scammers on there(what scammer wants to pay 50$ every time they get caught). Good luck in your search.
  4. Well holy balls there's another blade trying to sell one on here. He recently posted. Look for it. I'd link it but I'm too high and I'm on my phone :D
  5. They are out there. I found a nice stash and picked up three more.
  6. about four threads below you lol
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    I have a mini Chong that's for sale for a fair price. Bought it new around 10 years ago. Its downstem and slide-less. Pm if Your interested. I have many pics.

    They're cool pieces because they have that oldschool nostalgia. But they're not wortha retarded amount like some seem to think. Maybe some of the all out super headys are but that's about it. Not to mention they are pretty thin on the bottoms because of the way they're blown, u gotta be pretty careful.
  8. Im selling my chong bong if anyone is interested? Its 2ft 4inch. ill take best offer. if you want pics send me an email at megadeth001@gmail.com

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