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Where to buy a bong in Australia?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by umop 3pisdn, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Anyone know?
  2. Nowhere?

    No glass in Australia right??
  3. got an offyatree in your city? Where do you live?

    EDIT: also the local tobacconist around where I live sells bongs, plus some adult stores sell bongs aswell.

  4. haha what
  5. I heard somewhere you couldnt buy glass bowls, bongs, and what not in Australia..

    Maybe I was misinformed?
  6. glass smoking paraphenila is illegal in AUS.
  7. Knew it!!

    That suckss
  8. If that's true, which i don't think it is, then it's obviously not enforced at all. There's 4 different stores in my town that sell all kinds of bongs (from glass to bamboo things). Just have a look at that offyatree site, they have stores in every state of the country and they sell tons of glass peices and other things.
  9. Live on the Gold Coast.

    Is that site safe? Does anyone have any experience with that site? Trustworthy?
  10. I've only bought from in-store, very cool and friendly staff, they have stores in surfers paradise and brisbane, and then up north a bit in townsville and cairns.
  11. Didn't the Brisbane store get raided a while ago?
  12. Yes, all marijuana paraphernalia is illegal in australia. There just seems to be a strange loophole in the law that allows stores to sell a limited range of pipes, bongs, etc strictly for use with tobacco and other legal smokables. It seems stupid, but cops and politicians are constantly going off about it, trying to make them completely illegal.

    I've been charged by the police after they raided my home and found a pipe and a cone piece. So I can only speak for myself when I say, they are pretty serious about it. :p
  13. in victoria you can find them at smokedreams in the city or off ya tree at southland. some milk bars even sell them. they are pretty easy to find.
  14. Your best bet is to try to find a headshop, if their aren't any then you're left with the internet, but being able to touch and see what you buy is alot better.
  15. Make a bong out of a Didgeridoo. lol

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