Where to begin when searchin for a new strain to grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by alonewolf, May 12, 2010.

  1. I'd like to eventually get into breeding new strains, and was looking for some advice.

    Where's a good place to begin when trying to narrow down strains you'd like to grow? Is there a database somewhere that for the most part people can agree has good info on the strains?

    Are there such things as strains that are more pure, or less genetically modified than others, and if so, could you give me some examples?

    Thanks blades :smoking:
  2. yes, a pure genetic line is usually known as a landrace strain..
    born and breed over hundred's of years in the same geologic region..

    book of bud's has some decent info in there..
    it's really about research more than anything..
    think back to 10-15 years ago or even 22 years ago..
    most of the old skunk , afghan's,kush, and other's were not reworked like they are now day's..so when ordering seed's think about the bank's that were holder's of these strain's and there creator's to begin with..
    cause every breeder has a skunk or an afghan but some really used the landrace genes to create these strain's..most just got there breeding stock from the other guy..lol
    there are well known breeder's out there..
    such as dj short for his famous blueberry, or neville for his work with WW..
    really to many to list..

    a great place to create an original monster of your own is actually from bagseed..
    through out your time just buyin weed and smokin..save the seed's from several killer bag's ya got..
    label them and keep them organized..
    grow males and females, do selective choosing, then cross breed..after cross breeding then inbreed several times with choosen pheno to stablize the new strain..then just keep going..
    deep in to the rabbit hole..of breeding..lol

    i'll throw ya a few companies though if you want to start from bank seed's..
    seroius seed co.
    mr. nice seed's
    dj short
    th seed's
    highgrade seed's
    next generation

    to name just a few..lol
    anything from anyone of these bank's is breeding stock imho..

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