Where The Wild Things Are

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Floyd Pepper, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, did a search and found nothing.

    Is anyone else not excited for this film?

    I've been following it for at least 4 years and now it's release is FINALLY upon us!

    My personal pick for shroom movie of the year.

    It's directed by Spike Jonze who is a surrealistic genius.

    And anyone who's read the book knows in it's own is one of the most psychadelic childrens books ever written.

    I mean, by creating his own surrealistic world to escape to did Max not, in a sense, turn on, tune in, drop out?

    Shroomin with about 6 other people when it comes out.

    So stoked.
    So stoked for this
  2. I thought I did see another thread for it but whatever, to me I think it lookz beautiful
  3. Lol. Im pretty pumped but not for the shoomin. Just cause its a cute movie. I love the book as a kid. and cant wait. Then again it might kill it. They have been doing so many movied backed on books the past fews years and i been excited about them all and in the end was very disapointed,
  4. It looks like a great movie for shrooms, but may I add another movie that might be better?

    Alice in Wonderland, It not coming out for awhile but the trailer looks amazing.
  5. As soon as I saw the previews I told my friend I wanted to do shrooms and go see it.
  6. i think you don't need shrooms to enjoy this movie. even without shrooms it'll be AMAZING.
    combine an awesome childrens' book and an awesome director, what do you get?

    a SUPER AWESOME movie.

    cant wait

    Spike also filmed some skate videos too. those were fucking awesome.
  7. I would watch this movie sober probably.
  8. I actually kind of have a bad feeling about this movie.
    I just don't think it'll work.
    But its Spike Jonze, so who knows.

    I'm on the fence.
  9. The Arcade Fire song in the trailer sold it on me.. I'll be there at the midnight showing the day it comes out with a joint in my hand. :smoking:
  10. My favourite children's book made into a movie by one of my favourite directors of all time? Yes, please.
  11. ill probably watch it all fucked up...only because it was probably my fave book as a lil kid
  12. I used to read this book all the time when i was a kid, i love it. I'm going to be max this year for Halloween too!

    Can't wait for the movie!
  13. I really can't wait either. Will be downloading that shit when it comes out.
  14. yea dude me too. i think spike jonze is a awesome director... the dude makes some crazy music videos. but wasnt the studio gonna scrap this movie cause they didnt like the way it was coming out? i remember reading that somewhere.

    dont get me wrong, imma download the shit outta this movie.
  15. Ill be shroomin or at least eat a fattie brownie if I go see this in the theaters, the graphics looked flat out insane, Alice in Wonderland is going to be triiiiiippy but I have a feeling not counting the 3d aspect this will be much more stunning visually
  16. I'm pretty excited for this movie,the soundtrack is amazing also. :D

    I've always loved the book, I've even got a 'Where the Wild Things Are' tattoo.

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