where the hells all the acid?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Iversable, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. oh man its been like a month my guy hasnt called me back.this shit sucks no1s got acid around here anymore and just not long ago i was getting it -_- wtffff this shit blowss i wanna go trip.
  2. drink some deslym my friend...trip thy balls of that way :p
  3. Pffft....get some shrooms
  4. That's weird becasue we've never had acid around the San Diego area but all of a sudden there is a ton. Anytime of the day you can get it.
  5. Most of the Acid "Cartels" are based within northern cali and Washington state area. Almost all of the independent chemists in the Midwest and eastern US have turned to making X or been busted. So therefore if you do not live in cali you are not likely to find it often (exception to the rule apply obviously) but yeah, sucks for me, cause I wanna trip :(
  6. We've always had a little but it's been a real chore to track down. However, my friend just told me he's going in on 700 hits with some guy so I should be set for a while :)
  7. bah i feel ya ive been trying to track down some acid for a solid 2 months with no avail
  8. Yup, absolutely nothing here.
  9. dude same man I wanna trip bad but this dealer got busted:mad:
  10. can you get addicted to acid
  11. not really. that'd be fucking terrible if your body needed to trip. its a strenuous drug, i get worn out when i take it. I take it when i start loosing my inner vision, innovative drawing and music creation gets hard to do otherwise. I usually don't need any more or the rest of the year.

    then again i know people who take lsd constantly during the summer and come out of it 'fine'

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