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Where The Hell Is Nubbin..and Paul..?!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. why do people just...go away...?! so sad....:(...everyone i associated with here...leaves...first element and nubbin and paul ....waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh well...ill smoke some weed:D...fuck im high..what the fuck am i talking about?!?!

    i think i have some kind of alternate personality when i get stoned...ill explain more for now, let the suspense build within!! UNTIL YOU EJACULATE IN DISCOVERY OF THE TRUTHS!!!
  2. NuBB's is in the house!!! I see him!!! I do!!! He's here! Right now!
  3. he aint posted in forever...neither has ol paul
  4. Well, the damn Ice Cream Man has probably chopped all of NuBBiN's fingers off and sucked the skin off his give him a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hahaha..i wouldnt put it past him
  6. ( saw what the ICM was capable of during was scary....the nightmares still haunt me...)
  7. hell, i thought it was just glad, im comforted now
  8. Nubbin has been posting some. I haven't seen him today though.

    Who the hell is Paul??
  9. HAVE NO FEAR MY MINIONS OF STONED CHILDREN!! I AM HERE TO PROTECT YOU!...Ive got fall classes every day and Im busier than ever, but I still cherck in all the time and reading all the new posts, I just dont talk as much...theres not enough ime for talking..and just foir the record, I took a bong rip the size of delaware
  10. paul j tamgaard..or however the hell it goes
  11. After I posted that i figured that out. I guess i'd better get back to smoking! I don't want to remember forgetting some one that easy!! LOL
  12. where the hell is he?
  13. I haven't seen him around i a while!
  14. IM SICK!..I gotta head throat and chest are in burning pain..and Ive got flem dripping out of every hole in my body..(sounds hot huh)..just thought Id share that with you...
  15. smoke a bowl..youll be fine..look at me:D:D:D

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  16. nahh..i just did this, but up close...lmao

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  17. Namron.......that has to be the SEXIEST pic ever!!!!!! LOL. You are obviously feeling no pain!!!!!

    Hey was good hearing from you. I hope your snot problems get better. Remember drink lots of liquids......preferably something with a kick!!! The alcohol will knock all those nasty bugs right out of you!!!!
  18. im for real..right now, i dont give a fuuuuuuuuck....imull take a pic naked, ya better hold me back!!
  19. Hmmmmmmmmm...........a naked pic. That would indeed be a part of you that I never thought I would ever see!! LOL. More power to you!!!!! LMAO
  20. allllright! asked for it!

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