Where the guitar players at?

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  1. Just want to see who all tokes and plays guitar. :wave:
  2. Right here!

    12 years on and off.

    I've learned how to airtap!
  3. ive had a guitar for like 6-7 years, never really learned how to play anything worth a shit until about a year ago when i started taking music seriously.However I am a decent bass player, i took a years worth of lessons and ive been playign trumpet for a good 10 years also :)
  4. I have been playing guitar for like 6 years now.
  5. ive been playing for about three years now, give or take. Im nothing special cause i cant learn everythign by myself, but i have some what skills.
  6. 3.5 years i've been playing
  7. one here, seven years and not slowing down.
  8. played my whole life
  9. I have one, but I haven't really learned to play
  10. I've been playing bass for a little over 2 years
    I've tried to learn some things on the guitar, but I just can't get into it like I can with the Bass
  11. One here, seven years and started slowing down.
  12. 2 years, practice every day , playing guitar is kinda like an addiction to me, i cant stop playing for a long period of time
  13. Playing guitar for 4 years, playing bass for 4 months now.
  14. i right over here >>>
  15. Been playing for like 3 years now, I play grateful dead, avert brothers, sublime, Mumford and sons, dispatch, shit like that
  16. Been playing a lot of Neil young lately, who like Neil? anyone play Neil?
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    I only know a few, old man, out on the weekend, heart of gold, etc

  18. yes good songs, i play HOG and OM as well, down by the river is a fun one to play
  19. I'm a horrible guitarist but I still like to play. Been doing it for about 5 years (not counting music lessons in elementary school that really didn't teach me much). I only learn from playing songs I like.

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