where the fuck is my sense of smell? :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by p00nd, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. about two weeks ago I caught a cold so I didn't go to class for about a week because I was definitely feelin too shitty for it..
    I blazed and laid down the entire week, got into breaking bad (watched seasons 1-4 since 2 weeks ago lol its fucking epicly addicting)
    and thats about it, I took it pretty chill while i was sick..
    well now im feelin better, have been for a bit longer than a week, but the problem is, I have no smell :(
    I can breath through my nose pretty well so its kinda a weird feeling lol, I have some really stanky weed but I swear to god I dont smell a thing even if I snort like a fucking fiend haha
    lately its kinda been getting me busted a little well you know the usual pissed off remarks your mom makes when u smell like weed...
    and i have no clue that I smell like weed... so its like fucking smell where u at yo?

    anyways.. i doubt anybody knows how to respond to this, but if theres anyone who knows anything about this type of situation, I'd appreciate help on how to get my smell back.. im trying nasal spray and multivitamins so maybe that fixes it... (done a bit of googling..)
    other than that yall can giggle at my weird situation haha
  2. i have this nasal stuff that looks like a dildo with a hole in the top. haha well anyway it has this really strong mint scent to it and you stick it in ur nostril and inhale as hard as you can. itll make your eyes water but does the trick like magic and is probably around 2 bucks at CVS or whatever. i think its called nasal decongester.
  3. breaking bad is the shit. finished seasons 1-3 in 2 weeks
  4. I sort of have the same problem my nose is always getting half blocked I can breath through it sort but not really and can't smell that well either. Even if I don't have a cold.

  5. did 1-4 in a week.
  6. breaking bad is so addicting its fucking crazy.. every episode ends in a way that makes you NEED to see what happens next hahaha
    and yeah im still not smelling anything :( ill see if i can find the super minty nasal spray see if that helps

  7. I've always had a really bad sense of smell...I know how you feel lol. Hope you feel better soon, man.

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