Where the fuck is my joint???????

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchick1990, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. ^ dude I think she found it by now
  2. You got any pets like a cat maybe or dog? your animal might have ate it, but its all good just wait for it to digest your joint tada smoke.
  3. I was making a joint once, I had all the contents set out in the paper and all had left to do was to roll it.

    Then... something terrible happened. I laughed. One single, short, laugh... and the force of that laugh knocked all the bud and tobacco out of the paper and onto the floor.

    Only when I looked down, it wasn't on the floor. It was nowhere. All of the contents had vanished... into nothingness... Perhaps it fell through a rip in space-time. Perhaps it fell into another dimension. All I know is... I never saw that joint rolled.. and it was tragic. So I rolled another one. :smoke:
  4. lol, and now we should take over her thread
  5. leave my thread alone!
  6. the exaxt thing happened to me once, exept it was 1½ grams of hash, and it was my last :p
  7. Look in the place that you least expect it to be
  8. That's even more tragic :(
  9. Haha this reminds me of the time I lost the metal utensil I use for stirring/packing bowls in my vape. I had every thing set out, and I was just about to start when all of a sudden my utensil goes missing. I checked everywhere, under my covers, drawers, bags, on the floor, under my bed, and pretty soon, I thought there would be nowhere else to look.

    So I'm thinking I never even moved it off my bed (but I already checked there), how the fuck did I lose it? After being very aggravated by the fact I could not find my utensil, I decide to check my bed one last time, out of vain hope. So one last time I checked, and this time, I ripped the covers entirely off my bed and my utensil comes flying out in a flurry and falls on the floor.

    I'm guessing it got tangled somewhere under my covers, but it still eludes me to this day how I managed to lose my utensil for about 30 minutes. Looking back, I laugh at what happened, and I just keep my shit under my pillow from now on to avoid this incident from repeating.

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