Where the fuck is my joint???????

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchick1990, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Maybe its time to clean your room? Since by the way its sounding its cluttered lol
  2. Lol, I've done this SO many times. It's hiding underneath something, always is!
  3. Get a drug dog to find it for you, lol.
  4. ^ this is your answers
  5. its in your closet
  6. ahhhhhh i found it!
    it was in my duvet cover, how it got in there is still a mystery tho
  7. ^ nice gal, now you can come to europe, denmark and smoke me up
  8. Look in your hand or ear or pocket
  9. Maybe u went to the bathroom and forgot.
  10. Jesus stole your weed...... Trippy o_O
  11. Maybe a cat ate it
  12. I love you because you roll joints in bed after work. Marry me?
  13. Haha what an awesome thread.
    Glad you found it!

    I usually do the opposite and forget I rolled one and find it and I get an awesome moment where I get to be like...holy shit A JOINT 'mazin'.
  14. [quote name='"stonerchick1990"']ahhhhhh i found it!
    it was in my duvet cover, how it got in there is still a mystery tho[/quote]

    W.e a duvet is lol.... I lost a g once in my dorm room, came back after break freaking out bc I didnt know if I lost it at my parents or if the ra would find it. My Roomate found it in a corner of the room and we blazed that shit, best tasting weed I have ever smoked (it was bubblegum)
  15. You already smoked it silly
  16. its the sheet that covers ur blanket and buttons up, the joint went under the sheet so when i picked up my blanket & shook it it didnt fall out. (we call blankets duvets)
  17. hahaha sure il just hop on a plane to florida
  18. i agree with that other dude...upload a picture of your surroundings...we will help you find it.
  19. hah my phone is ancient i cant upload nothin
  20. the from unda pants gnomes was in your duvet cover.

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