Where the fuck is my joint???????

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchick1990, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Just in from work, sat down on my bed to roll my after work joint, rolled said joint and now i cant find it. ANYWHERE
    I havent moved out of my room so where the fuck is it?
    im after taking all the covers off the bed, no sign of it, moved the bed around a bit to have a look under it, no sign of it, checked the bin, the floor all my shelves & drawers & my rolley box, no sign of it.
    Im baffled, theres no where else to look & theres nobody else in the house it literally just vanished :eek:
    Gonna roll another one now!
  2. Cops found it. You're looking at 25 to life
  3. Are you holding it?
  4. Check behind your ears!!! Thats where mine disappear to...
  5. I had one roll off the desk into one of my shoes
  6. The fridge
  7. hahaha i actually checked all those places except the fridge because i havent left my room
  8. Haha, I always leave random shit in the fridge. Last week I couldn't find my screwdriver.. It was behind the milk carton. You might have put it in your pocket or the most obvious place you could think. (in your hand, behind your ear, on your desk behind a pencil) Best of luck, find it and let us know where it was!
  9. ive left mine in the bathroom before.
  10. I once lost a baggy in one of my speakers, I dno.. You should upload a photo of your surroundings.

  11. Lol i have also done this with obvious places. O no i lost my paper (searches for a few minutes) shit i have the joint in my mouth not a cancer stick :hide:
  12. i dont have any pockets, i have literally looked in every possible place i can think of. this is one of the weirdest thing thats happened to me in a while
  13. 99 times out of a hundred I search for it for hours to realise it's either in my hand or right in front of me.

    It's like my brain's mocking me by making me act stupid.
  14. Oh well. Roll another one. Your gonna be pumped when you randomly find a joint laying around one day :smoke:
  15. well its not in my had cos im typing with them!
  16. Check everywhere you could set something down. Cracks and crevices too!
  17. are you sure you rolled a paper and its not a figment of your imagination? lol :p
  18. haha yes im sure i rolled it i checked my smoke box to be sure! only had two smokes now i have none used 1 for the lost joint & 1 for the replacement joint!
  19. Hmmm. Look at it this way, if you dont find it, one day you will and will be so happy cuz hell you might be out that day lol

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