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Where the fuck can i smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Third Eye, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Kay so I'm living with my mom temporarily in a new area and I have no idea where to go to smoke. I live in an urban area with no woods anywhere. I've just been driving to places like the back of a mall parking lot. Empty church lot etc. maybe I'll just roll a blunt an go on a blunt cruise? I can't really do that with my bowl
  2. No woods? Man that sucks, I feel it.

    Maybe try to make a stoner friend and go to their house? A park at night? :D
  3. Behind your house?garage?
  4. Buy an MFLB so you can go anywhere? I've vaped on my college campus before with light traffic, no one seemed to mind. :D
  5. I was in the same situation as you a while ago and I could never think of anywhere to go. I would normally just drive and blaze or hotbox my car in my driveway.
  6. You could get a smoke buddy (or some other type of smoke filter) and smoke inside.
  7. Yea like the guy above said get a smoke buddy.
  8. empty church parking lot lmao... i dont even believe in god and i wouldn't do that

    Blunt cruisin is always awesmoe but getting to sit back and chill is always nice... just go for a walk and find a spot you like and light up

    if anyone says anything just move on... its urban so people are probably used to the awesome smell
  9. Lmao ^^ Empty church parking lot brings back memories of bein stupid as fuck with the homies. In some hoods ill walk down the street smokin but it just depends on the place.
  10. go somewhere where there doesn't seem to be too many peeps around and light a jay or two while you are walking
  11. Where do you live? OP should of given more details.

    Take a L-Walk anywhere you feel that isn't sketchy! People even in expensive neighborhood's walk and mind their own business. Just don't be fucking loud laughing playing music or anything and you'll have no trouble...
  12. go find a porta potty and blaze up. xD
    idk why i thought of that. i've never done that, but parking lots reminded me of that. hahah.
  13. Alley, backyard, everywhere
  14. Park.. parking lot, pre-roll and cruise
  15. What's wrong with smoking a god-created plant on a church grounds besides the fact it's illegal? If anything, God would be proud of you for living above society's constraints and smoking his creation.

    How old are you OP? If you're above eighteen, you could roll blunts and if your mom catches you, you could just say it's a cigarillo. Or just smoke at night when she goes to sleep. I live with my parents and that's what I normally do. Either that or I whip out the vaporizer and just go to hidden corners of my room and vape. No smell, no worries. Of course I live in the upstairs bonus room and nobody ever really comes up the stairs unless they need me for something important. Other than that they just yell up the stairs. Anyway, you'll figure something out man.
  16. bro send me a store near where you live ill find you a place on google maps lol. im good at that shit, I can find about anything on google maps lol love doing it plus ADD = shit ill find it hyperfocus is a beast. ive found near 20 places to offroad just because i know the land so well lol. found some of my best city smoking spots on google maps too.

  17. Similar situation here. Eventhough I smoke whenever I want in my room.
    And man I want a vape!
  18. #18 lavoie6821, Jan 12, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 12, 2013
    a smoke buddy.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  19. If I smoke I have to either do it out the window or go out on the roof by going through my window. My window leads right to the roof of an add-on to our house lol. :hello:
  20. Bathroom with fan on and blow the smoke through a sploof (empty toilet paper with dryer sheets in it). And smother the bowl after each hit so there's no smoke coming off the bowl.

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