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Where the F did all this KUSH come from??? Chicago Madnesss PT.2 (PICS)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nps4474@yahoo.c, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]



    My guy has been my hero lately:hello:3 new strains of kush came through...Fucker couldn't remember the sub strain names though, (he said the bags were labled but he was too blowed to keep track) the red hairy buds are Strawberry Cough x OG kush...Fucking awesome stuff, wonder if this selection will keep up??? At this point I only bother posting up shit that blows my head off...rep me if your mouth waters?:p






  2. wow. i need a job. im tired of smokin shit shwag. but i dont hav the money for this, hows it smoke?
  3. jealousy grows every time you post pics. That bud is just awesome it makes me wish I had some cash, and a reliable source.
  4. Hahaha i'm in the same boat as you man.

    I want those fucking nugs around here, all i got is coke and thanks...:(

    Im feeling to make a road trip just to get some of that.......but that requires more cash lol

    +REP for making me want to kill someone for buds now :p
  5. Hey guys, $120 a quarter for the stuff pictured, smoke is amazing, but today I did 1 gram of the strawberry stuff in a firecracker....fucking inbelievable....:D

  6. Thanks bro, sorry to hear your troubles, if you were here I would twist you a fattie to sample:) Hope you bud luck changes soon, living in Chicago I know how it can go...
  7. I'm always excited to see your pictures nps4474, moreso when they're budshots. :p

  8. Haha, hey MyFax, yeah, I figured I would only put up shots of the really good stuff, you know the "show off to your friends" buds....:D
  9. We've got Kush downstate too. $90 a quarter for Hindu. I know a lot of it is being grown around here. Missouri too. I'd send a pic of my last bud ( I'll get more soon) but my daughter borrowed my digital camera.
  10. No Kush around my parts, unfortunately. But damn those buds are sweet! Good picks man..
  11. that looks mega fire!
  12. where the fuck in chicago is this mo fucka hahaha certainly not in fox lake
  13. Goddamn man.

    We've got to meet up.

    I'll be in the Chicago area for Labor Day, what are you up to that weekend?
  14. i got a head change just from looking at the pictures.
  15. yea man we need to meet up and smoke...maybe we can actually have a chi-twon smoke down. i have the Sat off for labor day, u down for then?
  16. Send the grower to Canada... I want some of that.
  17. I'm not even joking when I say my mouth literally watered... I don't give rep just because you can get good bud... but those pictures you took are AWESOME so I will give +rep for that for sure.

    Last kush I had was some Hindu Kush and that shit was damnn good.

    well.. i cant give you rep again so soon... so i owe you that one.
  18. There has been SHIT TONS of Kush here as well.
    Alpine Kush
    Master Kush
    OG Kush

  19. nice pics, diggedy dank
  20. Never heard that one before :p

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