Where the DMT folk at?

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  1. I had the opportunity to try legit DMT for my first time this past weekend at a festival down in FL, even got a little bit to bring back home. Ended up gettin .5 for $20!!! Only downside was I wasn't able to get more to bring back..

    Despite the taste, DMT is an amazing drug IMO. It's def somethin I'll keep my eye out for in the future, but nothin I'll fiend search for. If you got an interested DMT story or experience, post em up :wave:

    Bud pics are just some good I picked up off someone down at the show. And I know, quality isn't the best :eek:

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  2. dats legit fun shit have fun

    and nice dense dank ass bud
  3. my "friend" has that same scale.
  4. Never had it.

    I can get most drugs known to man on the market and ones not so common.

    But this one ive only heard of a time or two around here.

    Aient it like some crazy pshychedelic?
  5. You can't describe DMT, you can only hope to do it.

    You don't find it, it finds you.
  6. holy fuck man, you payed 20 for .5!!!! im in fl, up in gainsville i ended up paying 25 for .1 you got hooked up my friend. how was your trip, would love to hear a report. may i ask where abouts in FL you picked that up?
  7. yet to try it, but have heard it described by a psychonaut buddy, "its like sifting through wormholes, the greatest trip there ever was and will be"

  8. yea dude i bet you got it from the same group me and illusionist did. bunch of deadheads and hippies in central florida. i personally love the stuff and am sorry for people that never tried it

  9. hows your bark extraction bro?

  10. Haha, yes yes.

    DMT up here in GA is goin anywhere from 150-190g, so I was really excited gettin .5 for a dub.

    The trip I had the night I got it was sick. I can't explain detail for detail about it just because earlier that day I had eatin some MDA, then just a couple hours before I had .2 of some fire Molly. Was my first time to have a MDA+MDMA combo :D

    All I can really say was it was an awesome experience, it hits you very quickly (within 10-45 seconds) and you WILL want to be sittin or layin down, lol. What made that trip even better was the fact we were all out in the swamps and it was in the early morning, there were some crazy animal sounds.

    I got it around the Orlando area btw.

  11. oh yea bro you got the hookup. damn fuck the middle man. our friends get it from O-town and they charge like 250 a gram
  12. this is the only actual drug I want to try.

    Rick Strassman

    not so much anymore, but I used to get these trips naturally at night a couple times a year. Apparently it is common. Hypnopompic events / hypnogogia, the unique state of conciousness between wakefulness and sleep.

    CRAZY shit, I can't get into the details so much here (would take way too much time), but it showed me that this (me sitting here) is not reality at all. The wormhole situation rings a bell, usually I'd feel my brain squeeze in on itself so hard it would flip inside out at the center point and I'd get sucked through this wormhole/space tunnel of blue/black light thing and pop out in a another dimension quite ill-prepared for the ride that was just beginning.

    I'm sure actually taking it is a bit different though, but the stuff the patients describe in that book is amazingly similar to what I would experience.
  13. my friend has one of the toads but we don't know how to extract. does anybody know how to extract dmt from a frog?

  14. I'll tell you later today. We're doing a trial run. 50-100g. I haven't had a lot of time this week since my wife has been sick. My friends are most accommodating.
  15. I've done it once, and that's all it takes sometimes. Definately worth doing for sure if you're down for it. I couldn't have described it better myself about the "wormhole" thing. It's out of this world for sure. And enjoy it! That shit is crazy hard to come by, atleast around these parts it is.

    Only advice is to sit down before you indulge. You probably won't be ready for it, so a sitting arrangement is your best bet.
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    Get a clean plate and position it vertically, with another horizontal plate below it to catch any drops.
    What you wanna do is carefully squeeze all the glands the frog has. Those I know of are
    one on the outside of each behind leg between the knee and thigh (the femorals) , one on the full length between each knee and ankle (the tibeals ), one on each of the forearms, and off course one on the neck.

    Gently squeeze the glands until they squirt a milky substance on the plate. Careful mate, don't hurt the fucking toad. After you're done, you have to let him rest one hour, then squeeze gently one more time each gland to get a second squirt. After that, the venom is depleted. You have to let the dude rest for four to six weeks.

    Although I don't recommend doing this, mate, it's actually quite simple. Just be careful not to harm the poor animal.

    From one adult good sized toad you can get up to a gram of venom, half of which is water and will evaporate. From the dried stuff, almost 15% is 5-MEO-DMT. So expect to get about 75mg from an adult toad.

    If you do this right, it's perfectly safe for the toad. Please be careful.

    Sometimes I scare myself...


  17. really? what kind of frog???

  18. Then how do you extract the DMT..
    I dont wanna be smokin poison...

  19. You don't need to, you can smoke the dried stuff. Just let it dry and shave it from the plate. If you wanna do an extraction you can off course, but it's too much hassle without any real necessity. If you go for it, I recommend a A/B extraction, for simplicity's sake. Have fun.

    B. alvarius mate.



  20. Just watch this vid...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yv9xl3-_Lw"]whatch me[/ame]

    Also, keep in mind that bufo alvarius produces 5-MeO-DMT not N,N-DMT (a.k.a. DMT). They are different. 5-MeO-DMT is more potent, but still produces less hallucinations. acording to the Vaults of Erowid: 5-MeO-DMT page

    exactly.... if you want to buy one...GO HERE $150

    btw...dug is the shit...best character on weeds:D

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