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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by highawatha, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. hi, dont mind me too much im just following a couple of boys,hi guys and thanks for the link. i figured this should be my first stop, kind of a warning im here...HEres JOhnny <<please insert an image of jack nicolson in the shining here>>boo! anyhow you seem to have a nice home here, thankyou for letting me be a guest.
    let me apoligise right now, and only once for my outragious spelling (school was much easier in the 80's) and my silly sarcasm, i mean no harm.
  2. Hey highawatha. Welcome!
  3. you dont have to appologise, there used to my misspellings and smart ass shit. theres always room for more. welcome!
  4. Yeah, we love smart ass shit around here!!!!!

    Welcome, stay stoned and peaceful! ;)
  5. Don't listen to Zonedude!

    That would be my sack! ;)
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  6. lier lier pants on fire [​IMG]
  7. High girlfriend...I'm glad to see you here!
  8. Hiya little indian dude! Long time no see. glad to see you around again.

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