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where should i stash my pieces

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by r3born, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i got two pipes ones 4 inches long and the other is 7 where would be a good place to hide them? Thanks in advance
  2. Inside video game boxes.
  3. I once had a Futon inside my room, I used to unzip the couch/bed part, and put it under the cushioning.

    Or inside a guitar amp, stuffed animal Lol
  4. in your closet. inside a hoody pocket....
    in your closet. in a shoe
    on your desk
  5. in clothes in ur closet inside ur commputer in old ps2 inside the bottom of a desk fan,in the vent in ur room, im sure theres more but theres a few
  6. why are we hiding pieces in the first place? you smoke proud of it!
  7. i hide mine in a box behind my seat in my vehicle...Ive had my parents drive it and never notice..ive had this for a few months now.
  8. Because it's illegal.

    In a shoebox works for me :smoking:

  9. maybe he doesn't want his parents to know, we all have our reasons for hiding things.

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