where should i post?

Discussion in 'General' started by OJ da Juice man, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. i tried posting something to pandoras box but it was removed because theres no discussion of drugs allowed? but when i searched all the others posts and topics that were related to mine were posted in pandoras box. anyway im looking for info on avinza; ive searched and checked erowid im just looking to get some better first hand info so mods where would be the best place for me to make a post?
  2. no where man, there is no discussion of other drugs anymore on Grass City.
  3. You can't talk about other drugs then Marijuana ANYWHERE in the city. You want info on the drug use Google. Other then that if it's other drugs you want to learn about the city is not a great place to look.
  4. then why is it that there are a number of others posts about them scattered about the website?
  5. in the crest with that .45 on yo hip! aye!

  6. oh i see i wasnt aware the regulations had changed thanks man

  7. Because the rule change is only a few months old and there's no way to effectively go back and lock every thread that's now no longer allowed.
  8. Its new, so any bumped threads of those are automatically deleted. So take the information still avalible and for the love of god dont bump them. We are loosing so many threads like that because of noobs

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