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where should I move and grow?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dickens cider, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I have one year of college left that I can complete online. I have student loans to live on to get me through the first four months(bout 10 grand) before harvest. As such, I can live anywhere in the United States and grow cannabis, which is my dream. I've been a grower for years but I want to step up my game to a few thousand watts.

    Simple: where would you move to? I was thinking southern Colorado as the cost of living is cheap and the weed climate is nice, but honestly it sounds kinda...boring.

    Where would you go?
  2. I have ruled out California simply because the market is too competitive and the cost of living too high.
  3. Ann Arbor is pretty marijuana-friendly place, but its way to cold if you're planning to grow outdoors. Also the cost of living is fairly high.

    If you're grow isn't going to be massive, I'd just worry about where you want to live rather than where would be best to grow, since you're probably figuring on not getting caught.
  4. to my property..
  5. Move somewhere with a friendly community, many things to do, etc...
    You will have way more fun then if you chose a place on climate.
  6. Medical marijuana just became legal in NJ so that would be the best place.... new market!

  7. Hoboken is just outside of some major urban areas, and in NJ so the marijuana environment should be slightly more friendly. If youre looking for somewhere rural though, id suggest down south.
  8. Maine is pretty nice, and so long as you're not right on the seacoast it's pretty cheap to find a place. It's been decriminalized, and even growing up to 100 plants is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than 1 year and a $2,000 fine. That's not too bad when compared with other states where a grow like that could have you facing years and tens of thousands in fines.
  9. Honestly I'd move to central florida. Its not as crowded as other parts of florida. there is also alot of wooded area for outdoor grows. I have an over an acre of land in my backyard and its surrounded bye woods so I can grow outdoors right in my backyard:)

  10. as far as i know the market in NJ did NOT just open up, we are only getting 6 clubs and it is HEAVILY state regulated... ie this aint fuckin california.

    you can imagen how pissed i am...
  11. west virginia
  12. Look in Michigan. Low low prices for some secluded houses.
  13. Very true, the economy here is in shambles and you can easily find a foreclosed home for real cheap prices.

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