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Where should i do my deals?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Relax2181, May 15, 2010.

  1. i used to do it in school.... until my dealers are starting to get busted. and i think they might be watching me as well. each time i ask my dealer can we do it after school. he just says lets do it now..... i have no car. cant afford one....
    should i ask for his adress so i can ride my bike there or something?
    i don't want to get caught in school
  2. As i understand it, both you and your dealer are at the same school?

    use the bathrooms.
  3. they are starting or going to use drug dogs
  4. doing shit at school is stupid. You get in so much more trouble if you get busted at school and it's so much easier to get busted. Find a new guy. I doubt you're getting anything special anyways if you're buying from some kid who sells at school. Talk to the older people you know that smoke and try to find someone bigger that can sell outside of school and he'll probably have better bags too :smoking: ride your bike, walk, or get a car. Just be smart about it and blend in with society.
  5. If theres even the slightest chance of this, then dont take the risk of buying deals, or even carrying a pipe at school. theres no point in risking your studys for what you do in your recreational time.

    If i was you i'd just ask your dealer if he wouldn't mind if you could hook up at his place, or somewhere near his place.

    Ifs theres going to be Dog patrols then i highly doubt he'll still be carrying at school, and he'll be thinking of new places to catchup anyway.

    Parks are allways a good spot to meet friends if you do want to suggest a place, just make sure he doesnt have to walk/drive/ride far, becuase as soon as something becomes a hassle (effort) some people will just say no.
  6. its simple just say i'll come to you or you can come to me i don't want to get busted for you're and my sake.
  7. haha I question how people communicate these days if yall are still meeting up in school to get drugs ' unless you're smoking them in school I wouldn't suggest getting them from school

    instead of asking us why don't you ask the dealer ' don't hesitate to be social and work something out with someone
  8. 1. Turn 18
    2. Get a job.
    3. Get a car and your own place.
    4. Go to a grow store.
    5. Plant seeds
    6. Grow.

    Doing any deals in schools these days is just plain crazy. It's not like when I was a kid. You will get caught eventually.
  9. At the dealers house!!!
    Way better place to do it anyways
    He has a scale so you know your not getting ripped off and you can get easier deals when in a less stressful enviroment like his house.
  10. I have a story o_O

    I'm a senior in high school, and just yesterday this kid i know was showing another kid his weed because he wanted to buy some. He had 2 flashlights full of mj in his locker. Before the school day was over he got caught and suspended(will be expelled).

    True story, sort of relates to this and the dangers of dealing at school. Getting caught at school is SOOO not risk the convenience of both being at the same place at the same time.
  11. 1 word, College. I have yet to reach this heaven of drug use :D
  12. Dealers house lol. Always get that shit weighed up. The other day my dealer found out the shit he had had little rocks in it, he busted it up on the scale to make sure there weren't any more in it. Seriously best dealer i know, always comes through never tries to cheat you.
  13. Yeh dealers house is the best way to do it..But for some reason I think the OP isnt 18, and his dealer probably isnt either. Which means he probably cant do anything at his house because of his parents.
  14. Except I dont want his shady neighbors staring me down when I run in for like 2 minutes.
  15. If there is a risk of dogs, forget buying at school. If the dealer has a car, meet him at his car somewhere other than school. As long as you don't make him go too much out of his way, he probably won't mind.

    If there aren't going to be dogs at school, just do it in the bathroom. And for any situation, be aware of your surroundings. Most stupid things can be avoided if you take the effort to look around before you deal with drugs.
  16. get a decent dealer that delivers

  17. Dealer: "Mommy, can Jimmy come over to play and buy some bud?"
    Mother: (washing dishes) "Did you finish your homework?"
    Dealer: (lies) "Uh yeah."
    Mother: "Well then ok. Why don't you have him stay for dinner?"
    Dealer: (jumps up and down, giggling) "Cool! Can he sleep over!"
    Mother: "Sure dear. Now, make sure you close that jar of buds or they'll dry out. Do you know there are children in Ethiopia who don't get ANY bud?"
    Dealer: (hangs head with a rueful expression on is face): "Ok Mom." (closes the jar)

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