Where Should I Buy My Light Kit From?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by simo123, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Hey Everyone i was just wondering were i should buy my light system from? i am basically looking for a 400watt or less HPS/MH Kit i could buy it from the local hydroponic store but i am afraid that it could be being watched and i have heard that you have to put personal details down my bro said i should just walk in there buy what i want and if they ask for my phone number, address say my name is joe blogs and my phone number is 0 and he said they wont care because they want you to make a purchase at their store and there not stupid their main customers are pot growers should i buy on eBay? but i will have to use a debit card which isnt really good i live in Australia so if anyone knows of a good place to buy Hydroponic Stuff from please tell me it can be either International/National

    Here is a link to an item that appealed to me on eBay

    Thanks for all input in advance and sorry about my punctuation im not really good at it as you may notice lol :eek:
  2. www.htgsupply.com has 2 400w systems, 1 for 119$ & other is on ebay for 95$, both by htg, good compay, actually both are on ebay & 1 on there site.
  3. Thanks for the info mate very helpful and quick reply +REP p.s were did u buy your light kit from?
  4. i got mine on ebay + make my own, that 1 you picked is fine.

  5. i got mine from this place,,,, it was the 400 m.h. hps,,, system with the batwing reflector..... thier shipping was so discreet,,,, that by looking at the box,, it came in youd have never known what was in there...

    they took a money order.... and sent me a lighter....

    look in my gallery,,, youll see this light in action...

    these people have all my business,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i give them 100% satisfactory rating.
  6. heres you a pic of something i grew with this light,,,, click on it and it will take you to my grow journal ,,,, ans youll see this baby in action,,,

    id suggest you get at least a 140 c.f.m. squirrel cage exaust fan to draw the heat out,,,, if your going to have the ''room'' enclosed... it gets hot real fast,,,, my 140,,, fan did the trick for me[​IMG]

  7. yeah, HTGSUPPLY.com they have the best deals and a wide selection of light kits..... you can find cheaper ones on ebay, but they look really shitty and poorly made. i ordered an air cooled 400w hps (also came with MH conversion bulb) from htg supply and it works great. and is a quality light. and also if your interested in a air cooled light, the way htg supply makes their's is better and more air tight than a lot of others'
  8. does anyone know of a place in australia were i can buy my lighting kit since other country's have different voltage and their powercords are different please all comments appreciated p.s all you aussie growers out their pls comment aswel

    thanks in advance

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