Where shall I work?

Discussion in 'General' started by tspanglish, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. It is time for a new job. I've been serving at the International House of Pancakes for 10 months and I'm sick of it. Y'all are my people, any cool suggestions? To give you an idea, I live in a decent sized town (Columbus IN) with a decent amount of businesses in all trades. I'm going to school for Information Technology (mostly interested in database and network administration) at our community college here.

    Sky's the limit, anybody had a not often thought of but awesome job in their college years or anything?

    Any suggestions? I'm interested!

  2. These days, anything you can get. Make sure you don't quit your current job until you've been hired at another.
  3. You're in school now and working, or you're about to start school?

    With IHOP willing to work around your school schedule, I'd recommend keeping that one until closer to graduation...

    I teach at a community college, and businesses that are willing to schedule around school are few and far between. Several of my students work overnight at a meat packing facility and don't get off until 8am. I allow them to come to class late, as long as they are in before 8:45. But I can see that by 3pm they are worn out and struggling to stay awake. And then I have to add on extra work for them to make up for the 45 minute leniency, to make it fair to the other students who make it in by 8.

    Unfortunately, most of the ones that work overnight will end up washing out of my program - it's just too much to work overnight, be in school until afternoon, then catch a little sleep before work. Add to that the need to have a social life, and school is taking a back seat for them.

    So, if you're making it work with school and a job, much respect. Don't rock the boat yet...

  4. I'm into my third year of school. I used to enjoy my job, but of late, it's been causing me so much irritation and stress that I dread going to work, even when I'm doing other things. I work with atrociously ignorant people, and the management is absolutely terrible. (See: running out of things like STRAWS, or ORANGE JUICE at the pancake house... how much food being ordered is a managerial decision)

    I've went from smoking a pack of Red 72's every 3-4 days to smoking close to a pack a day.

    I hate the idea of quitting a job, giving up that seniority and having to go work somewhere else, but it's making me miserable around the clock.

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