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  1. This is a hard situation to explain but I'll do my best with few words. I work for a roofing company now and primarily deal with customer relations. Meaning I'm the guy who deals with the costumers the most. (who'd a thunk it). Well a week ago a costumer opened her door in nothing but a towel. Now let me tell you I would give my left and right nut for a night with this woman. She's proably in her 30-40s but could easily pass for 25.
    I'm a younger guy pretty good looking guy and have the okay from my boss to prusue this if I can do so without losing him $$. Is their anything I could do to make her make this first move if that's what she's after. And I'm not thinkin this just cause she answered the door practically naked costumers do that all the time.
    She invited me in we talked a bit and she took my number to reach me personally. Not so common. Where is the line between being professional and causual flirting. I don't know any advice? Help I'm really interested in knowing if she's interested in me for relations.
    …oh did I mention she's married. (I'm willing to go against my morals here sadly.) She looks like an angle.
  2. thats just asking for drama if she is already married dude lol
  3. You can't even spell angel, man. Yet you want to pursue a married woman? Have fun going down that rabbit hole if hubby finds out. Probably is going to fuck your company and get a free roof out of it from some court time lmao.
  4. Get a boner and she'll jump on it if she wants you
  5. Dude you can have professionalism and be boning customers lol. One or the other.

    And l would have to say don't do ANYTHING until she makes a move. Just keep reminding her she has your number. Ninja mind-fuck her with subconscious cues!

  6. Lol wtf man. This is my plan at the moment. Wait and see.

  7. Yep lord knows people who can't spell also can't manage to have one or a few relations with a person they will likely never see again. You think I'm gonna stick around and wait for the husband to find out?
    Even if he finds out down the road, I doubt he'll file a lawsuit. Reading that your wife was banging roofers in newspaper.
  8. not worth it, if you want meaningless sex just hit up a local bar.
  9. But dude, she's totally angular. How can you pass that up! Plus she apparently likes costumes. She must be down.
  10. If you're going to try to make that happen, make absolutely certain she makes all of the first moves and that a night with her is worth risking losing your job over.

    Boning a customer is a terrible idea and very unprofessional, especially knowing she's married. But it sounds like something I would do, so I really can't condemn it.

    Edit: In other words, ditto to Zerorattray.

  11. LOL!!! You didn't even understand what I said. Oh, man. That makes this infinitely better. Good stuff, good stuff. :laughing:
  12. I mean, I don't really see the big deal about "professionalism". The fact that she's a customer is just how you met her. You fucking her is probably not going to affect your business, so what does it matter?

    Well, maybe if shit goes down it could. But of course, if you do it right, that won't happen.

  13. You're right. I have no idea what you said.

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