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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by nosmoke, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, seems like forever that I made my last post on here. Matter of fact, I think my last post was about me going to see 311,ziggy marley and the expendables over the summer, which was hands down one of my favorite shows. But anyway, to be back on topic, I was supposed to go into the city tomorrow to see the UK band White Lies, a relatively unheard group in the states somewhat,(but are getting a stronger fanbase) but they released personally one of the best albums this year. Through some misfortune regarding the inability to get a ticket, my friend calls me today and tells me that he has 4 tickets to The Machine show tomorrow night! So yeah, I was just so pumped that I had to make a a post about it. This will be my first time seeing them, though my brother has several times and said they are incredible shows. Not to mention I'm a die hard Floyd fan, so I'm ecstatic. I'm sure some of you guys and girls out there have seen them, so tell me, how are the shows? :smoking:
  2. I've no idea but i do know that im jealous of you going to that Ziggy/311 show! Damn I wanted to go to that so bad, shit!

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