Where oh where are the Zongs?

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  1. I can't seem to find a good place to buy one, plus there isnt really shit for headshops around where I live. Any help is appreciated. Plus anybody have any tips on who makes good quality Zongs? Kinda just getting into them after hitting my friends and seeing a few in videos and shit.
  2. I think you need a time machine to go back to 1998
  3. Zong makes Zongs. Or rather, made them around a decade ago.

    I could be wrong, and I'd actually bet they are still being made in some way, shape, or form. If you're set on a Zong, find a china/import LHS. They're not really online.
  4. I must be the only one who hates zongs with a passion.

    I hate the way they 'clear' when you pull slide.
  5. There's one at 2 of my lhss but they're reclined zongs and the corners of the "z" are staggered to rest it on when it's not in use... Good idea, but alas its cheap glass sobi won't buy en lol
  6. So many of them here in San Diego
  7. Zong's are Chinese novelties.
    Do yourself a favor and get yourself a simple straight tube with a showerhead downstem and a screened slide.
  8. I own a zong that I managed to find at my LHS. It was 50 bucks and is like a one foot tall grommet style zong, I hopped on it because Zong has to be my favorite style of china glass.

    My suggestion, well before you start perusing the interwebs, is check out local shops within 20-25 miles of you. Almost 100% guarantee you will find a zong or a alternative piece you'll fall in love with.
  9. they still make zongs. a lhs up the road has a whole bunch of them. even have inline zong ash catchers
  10. it might have something to do with the lack of headshops around you...
    zongs are everywhere in my area,
  11. and that won't be from china?
  12. P.S. This thread is right, well as far as from information I've obtained. The ZONG brand is no longer in business so if you find a ZONG piece it's probably going to be at least a couple hundred. My LHS has an actual ZONG, it's something ridicoulous like 3 feet tall with two percolator's in it and a nice downstem system. Also running like 500 bucks, which I'm sure if I offered them like 400 on the spot they'd take it, but that's still a lot of cash to be dropping considering I can order a SG Mini-Stemline for 400 rush shipped over night to my house from ***.
  13. ....No it won't.
    If you know where your buying from.

  14. and least knowledgeable post on grasscity goes to........

    drum roll please .........

    PEACEPIPE14!! congratulations!!
  15. Saw a stemless zong at a lhs not long ago, deff most badass zong ive seen. Think it had a shitty stemline in it too.
  16. there's always an "if" involved,
    people are jokes..
  17. Doesn't change the fact you don't know shit about glass man. Stop pretending to.
  18. yeah gotta agree with ^^ that tipsy fellow. there aren't many chinese prodo shops making showerhead downstems and disc screen bowls.

    unless they work for ziggi jackson lol.
  19. Doesn't sour make them?
  20. statement stands.

    stop pretending?

    I asked a question,

    got made fun of,

    and now lost my respect for the city,

    shitloaf didn't even contribute to this thread and if that's what members since 2007 with that many bars do,
    I want no part in this hell hole.

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