Where my promethezine codeine sippin lean lovers at???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SmokeStoopid, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. post if u love sippin lean, how often, and stories
  2. yo i definately like some lean from time to time. ill usually get me a 4 about 2x a month. Ill mix it with that fanta pineapple soda. swerve right, swerve left....lol
  3. any time i can

    smokinnnn purpleee sipppin leann
    thats right wheree i wannnna be

  4. HAHA Smoking on Purple Ease My Mind "Lil Boosie"....
  5. Well I picked up a 20 oz fanta with lean and a bar in it, but I opened it like a dumbass right when I got it and some of it spilled all over me, Does it still have lean in it and what color should orange fanta and promethezine codeine be?
  6. Where's mushroomsatsuji at with that GC fail image we discussed?

    But seriously, why?
  7. Promethezine is a incredibly useful chemical to have on hand.
  8. This?

    I got my first infraction because of that image...except without the text.
  9. Ha, I think it was that image!!

    It may have had different text like "good job asshole" or something along those line. I'm happy you remembered :D

    It does seem all too fitting for this kinda shit.
  10. not to experienced with it, pretty koo the times i did. i have a q, i got prometh but no codeine what effects will only the prometh cause?
  11. can someone fill me in? ive heard many things about this shit but idk specifics.
  12. Go to the doctor when you get a really bad cough and tell him Nyquil ain't cuttin it

    Always works for me.
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