where my michiganders at?

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  1. anyone here from michigan? lets talk dank
  2. not michigan but norther indiana (michiana area)
    what kind of dank you getting?
  3. shit man lately maui waui and uk cheese. both are extremely potent. i smoke roughly anywhere from a q to a half a day so my tolerance is quite high but this maui put me on my ass like no other. the uk cheese did the same but was a little harsher tasting. and omfg the smell is impossible to cover. so if you smoke this shit, dont have any company over you dont want to know about you smokin the herb for at least a day or two after consumption. easily the loudest dank ive ever smoked but maui is by far the best. what up in indiana? i use to stay not even 5 mins from fremont. havent got any dank from there but believe it or not, my dad lives in tennesee n brought me some regs once when he came up for a visit n that shit was some chronic. for regs of course.
  4. that's what's up man haven't had maui waui yet,but I recenty had blue cheese and what you said about the smell is right on. I couldn't of hidden it if I tried. Dank isn't bad here but it's exspensive and sells out quick. Most of our dank come from michigan but the homegrown is awesome. Just got to find the right old hippy haha.
  5. representing MI
  6. hell yea im with ya. i live in westland and i got a guy for mids and a guy for med. if you havent tried maui i suggest you try to get your hands on some. youll feel like your in hawaii for real lol. but then again you wont be able to tell hawaii from alaska after smoking all since of feel and sanity go out the window lol. this is that "sit in front of the fridge wondering wats in there to eat, but way too lazy to move those extra couple feet in order to get it" type of weed. clear your schedule for a while before toking. hands down the dopest dope ive ever smoked.
  7. yupp right here !! i got me a 1/8 of some dutch dragon. . .
  8. haha now that makes me want to get some legit maui waui even more. is westland in southern michigan?
  9. eh.. about 3-3 n a half hours from the mi border (fremont/kinderhook i think lol) its some good shit. i try to keep a couple grams at all times but that shit goes for 20 a g
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    you smoke a half ounce a day? shit. I'm impressed honestly, I don't think I could do that if I tried, I would be way too burned out...I smoke about a quarter ounce a week lol and feel like that's too much, but I only feel that way because I work few hours at a minimum wage job and its really hurting my bank =/

    I like MI bud a lot lately with the influx of medical buds, thankfully people like my dealer spread the medicinal love lol

    edit; I had cheese and maui earlier this year in January, it was pretty dank. I honestly preferred the cheese, it was way more crystal looking and ground up better, amazing joints were rolled with it lol. I mean obviously we got differently grown strains but yea
  11. hell yea, i had some trainwreck/ak47 a few weeks ago. that shit was good
  12. michigan state student..currently on probation for a possession charge..blows a lot, but oh well, shit happens. i was getting some real good bud around the time of my legal issues. kinda bummed i couldn't keep that connect for a bit longer. i probably will be able to once i'm able to smoke again. cheaper than anything else around here (45/eighth for bud that is a lot danker than my normal dealers) because it's from a family member. not dry either. very well homegrown dankies.

    a lot of the dank bud around here is extremely dry. that's one reason that i'm not 100% upset that i can't smoke i guess..sometimes it can get so dry that it almost crumbles, and i'm not down with that. i'm looking forward to being able to get amazingly grown chronic once i am off probation.

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