Where life begins

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  1. When does life begin?

    It's a simple question, but I can't find a simple answer.

  2. when a sperm meets an egg....

    or are you referring to the grand scheme of things?

  3. It begins when the string of a lace fits your shoe nice and tight on your foot.

    and off it goes again.
  4. if you mean human life, thats when the zygote implants into the uterus
    thats the medicaly accepted version

    then there are some arguments for life beginning at fertilization - used 4 ppl who are pro-life
    and some say life doesnt really begin until you are born - pro-choice
  5. life begins at conception.

    awareness begins at birth. i am fully for pro choice, just putting this out before this becomes fetus wars 17
  6. This... is a hard question, because of the implications involved in each statement.

    if we say it begins at conception, or sperm meets egg, then are we to say that life is just a biological machine of chemical neurological reactions? A construct of clogs and rigs?

    Think of the humble life of a tree - is it even a life ? yes - though its life is lived in service, to give alternate life oxygen to higher base forms of life, it also 'mates' to ensure its genetic posterity gets passed on.

    If we say 'human' life began on our journeys as a sperm, swimming past and outracing our competitors and contenders to ultimately win the race to fertilise and become 'The One', then we who are alive are the champions- the luckiest SOBs in the solar system, who outraced hundreds of thousands of sperm competitors.

    So did 'life' as we know it begin when sperm met the egg? or were we always around in the bosoms of our fathers? another idea i take on is that maybe we were always alive, (our ancestors balls) and we were passed down from generation to generation for our turn to meet the egg.
  7. life begins with the acceptance of reality.
  8. A new study (barely rememberd through a haze of weekend drugs,so don't hold me to precise details:) which simulated electrons in free space, found that in some configurations the electrons behaved exactly like life, forming associations and offspring and even arranging themselves into DNA-like double helix shapes.

  9. ah, fantastic!

    I've meditated on my question and tried to answer some of the questions it's raised.

    Does it begin with awareness, or with conception? Could
    it be both? Does life begin after the seed is fertilized, or the moment it is

    In my opinion, life is consciousness. It still doesn't really answer the
    questions that I've raised in myself though when trying to answer where life
    begins. Am I conscious when the sperm hits the egg? Seemingly there cannot be
    consciousness before fertilization...(at least on the part of the self).
    Then...what about the sperm? They're conscious of their tasks, the egg is aware
    that these guys are necessary for life. Life though...life of the self, doesn't
    begin until there is awareness of life from the self. Am I conscious in the
    womb? Am I aware of my surroundings? To me it may seem the only world that will
    ever be is in this fluid sack, of course I can't know this for certain at all.

    I've only begun to answer some of my own questions about life. Life is consciousness.
    Where that consciousness begins I don't know.

  10. Lmfao, so we're all really not born until we're about 3? 4? 5? 6?
  11. The virus is like the most facinating life-form on this planet! :smoke:
  12. life began on earth 100's of millions of years ago.
  13. As we stand now though, were does life begin for us?

    Does it begin when the sperm hits the egg? Does it begin when we have conscious awareness?
  14. the answer you seek is an opinion and not a fact. there is no defined time for where life is to begin if you're talking about conception/birth. many will argue what they want to believe and there really isn't more to it than that.
  15. ah, that's the answer i'm looking for.:D

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