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Where is your favorite spot to toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pantalica, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Mines my garage, secure and simple.
  2. Either on my roof or my deck out back
  3. I like smoking while hiking. Esp. once I get to the top of a mountain! :smoke:
  4. the g spot, hah no im kidding, its a myth :smoke:
  5. my room, because its chill and perfect for doing anything
    or under the deck. its pretty hidden from prying eyes, got some chairs and a table under there. and well its outdoors. you dont have to worry about smell in the carpet
  6. Room for inside but there is a nice field I like to smoke on for outside.
  7. An abandon house in my neighborhood.
  8. I usually smoke in my room but I love smoking outside and just walking around, so I guess this forested area near my house is my favorite.
  9. Love going outside and taking a nice nature walk with a joint.
  10. My Roommate doesn't smoke so I usually go out to my car and listen to some music while I smoke.

    Or my back porch, it's on a huge hill with an amazing view.
  11. Outside under my back porch :smoke:
  12. i say definitly on my balcony on my hammock jus groovin
  13. My backyard

  14. The moon. I visit frequently.
  15. Rooftops or the forest :)

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