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Where is the safest state to grow marijuana?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by grief, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. this is my first post, so please excuse me if i have poor forum etiquette.

    my girlfriend and i have recently decided we want to move. we're both heavy tokers and we would prefer to be able to grow our own stuff eventually; which states are harvest friendly? i might consider trying to get a licene for medical marijuana but is it difficult to get a license?

    thanks in advanced! :)
  2. In cali you can get a license easy as pie(anyone can)... Cali is bar none the best place to grow and smoke...
  3. Well depending on where you live, the closet medical marijuana state is the best choice. I would personally go to Cali if I were you.
  4. California would be great except for the high cost of living.

    I really don't think we would have the money by then to move there by then.

    Anywhere else somewhat decent?
  5. canada

    well were do you live now? theres a few states with more relaxed laws, go to norml.org and check it out.
  6. I would say go to a small town in the midwest or somewhere, get a normal job, grow a shit load of dank and make some money. Not too many cops in a small town, noones gonna suspect your growing bud in some small ass town and the cost of living is cheap as fuck. Move out once you make more $$.
  7. Alaska. Its huge and suns out allot! Cali is also great, but it vaireys. If you move to SoCal your probally have to have an indoor grow. NorCal on the otherhand is just great for outdoors with all the green.
  8. Cali or Oregon
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    HaHaHa LOL .... the OP is from Peoria Illinois .... He already lives in a small midwest town !!!

    To answer the OP .... without a doubt the best,easiest, and safest state to grow is California, but you are correct that its expensive. For what its worth NorCal tends to be less expensive than SoCal. Emerald Triangle area (Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties) is still more expensive than Illinois will be, but its way cheaper than L.A or the Bay area.
  10. Move to Canada man.
  11. I'd say cali, oregon or colorado.
    all have super danks buds and super dank local strains but cali has a massive scene.

  12. How much are the houses man? How much money do you need to make in order to live life comfortably? In CA i mean.:smoking::wave:
  13. Lets just say If I sold my house and moved to Michigan. The house I would get would be like 3 times the size.
  14. Born and raised outta Burnaby BC, Canada. By far the best and easiest place to grow and smoke. Currently residing in Washington State, and it is fairly tolerant towards growing and smoking. gl
  15. Canada man, British Columbia is full of grow ops
  16. Alaska. I'm pretty sure it's legal to own up to 12 plants (or something like that?) and up to 4 ounces... I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've read this on a few different web sites.

  17. Wouldn't you think that is a bad thing? If you know there is a lot of grow ops in a place, then I'm sure the government does too meaning more helicopter spottings, infrared heat trackings, spectrum anaylzing, pollen tracking..etc.
    Now if you move to a place where you never hear about growing, the government isn't going to have invested in that kind of time and equipment.
  18. Between: Deposits, Rent, Electric, and Set Up Costs .... I'd say that you need at least $25k cash before moving to Cali and setting up a scene.

    I moved to Cali few years ago with $30k in my pocket and ran that wad down to $100 in 4 months .... but by then it was harvest time and all was well.
  19. honestly, the state you choose to grow in is much less important than the immediate location (i.e. the house/apartment/community). you need a place that has a closet or room/basement that you can effectively quarantine off from visitors with no light or smell leaks. obviously apartment complexes are not ideal. roommates are not ideal. nosy landlords are not ideal. just pick a dwelling that is amenable to stealthy grows, never tell anyone about it, and you'll be set. this is all assuming you aren't eligible for an mmj card, in which case if you are you shouldn't have to ask this question... :)

  20. you fail to recognize that their government doesn't do that stuff.

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