Where is the road ahead of me

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBlueBastard, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Okay look, I'm dead rn and I can't see with my eyes closed, i see. no, the waves are crashing rn and I need to see light on the house. this isn't what i wanted for me. the road is the end to itself and no one can stop it. `If I continue longer they might find me. I have too walk free past the time. the time is catching up... it is gone.
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  2. Whatever "stuff" you're on.....stop
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  3. Reminds me of Speeding down a road with your headlights off.
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  4. 27382A44-7688-40DD-8381-235DEDF186C4.jpeg I’m going to the beach at 7 am and the water is 91 degrees and I was thinking of just floating out with the tide but then I remembered I set my iced tea by my chair and I didn’t want it to get warm so I’ll be floating back in a few hours.
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  5. DFAC5CEE-C761-4A8A-AADF-620125DD22FF.jpeg 779204B4-DB51-4E53-8BB9-678DD8A0174F.jpeg
    Extra points if you can tell me her name and don’t cheat
  6. Well alright grumpy. No one said you had to play.
  7. That's not being grumpy. You took that wrong. Let me rephrase that.

    I still dont care who that is and I still dont need points

    See not grumpy at all.
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  8. Oh I see, just a smart ass. Smoke some and chill. No harm meant killer.
  9. Not a smart ass either. I just really dont care. I'm stoned af and quite chill. You on the other hand seem very irritated and irrational. Maybe its whatever "stuff" your on
  10. Have a great Friday. I can’t keep playing but you sure are the winner killset.

    Making breakfast and heading to the beach after I roll a few.

  11. I told you I wasnt playing your game so I'm not sure how i won. Is there a cash prize? Forcing someone to play your game or be deemed a grumpy smart ass is not very chill but if you offer cash I might change my mind and play
  12. It is rather passive aggressive, some might even say trollish.
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  13. Whats going on in here lol?

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  14. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now
    It's just a spring clean for the May queen
    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
    There's still time to change the road you're on
    And it makes me wonder
    Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know
    The piper's calling you to join him
    Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
    Your stairway lies on the whispering wind
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  15. <Insert guitar solo>
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  16. Lol I was literally going to post this.
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  17. I'm getting ready to pack a bowl and chill if anybody wants to join me.

    Idk her name, but isn't she from the B-52's?
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  18. Yeah buddy I’ve got some GG4 ready to go
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