Where is the perfect smell proof container?

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    So Everywhere I am looking on the market I am finding padded containers that aren't really smell proof, or the typical mason jar which everyone uses because its good at being smell proof but not safe for my glass pieces.
    I really wish there was an interior padded glass jar. That way I could put my glass piece, herbs, and lighter, all into the same place, keeping in smell. The jars are great for keeping the herb smell proof, but when you put glass inside a glass jar youre asking for something to get chipped or broken.
    Does anyone else know where a product like this exists, OR is anyone else wishing there was a product like this but cant find one?
    If someone was selling a padded mason jar for all your products especially to keep your glass safe would you buy one?

  2. Wrap glass in padding (cloth) insert into mason jar. 

    Never worry about stashing my glass, I'm an adult. I put my stuff away in  a cabinet. Done.
  3. Just make your own dude it can't be too hard
  4. Just get some double-sided tape, and then pad the whole inside of a mason jar with it, make sure there's no creases!
  5. Yeah I know I could get some adhesive foam and do it myself, and I actually ordered some today. I guess part of my question was am I the only person who has this same problem or are there a lot of other people who want a product like this?
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    Why not use plastic?
    edit- like tupperware or a wide mouth water bottle
  7. I just Bought C Vault Containers, they got it going on. This works Great.  Can keep your stash in perfect condition for months and months. And it comes in four sizes & made out of Stainless Steel. 
  8. Wrap glass piece in bubblewrap, put in to mason jar = done. 

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