Where is the most beautiful place that youve ever been to?

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    Whether it's in America, other countries, scenery, or architecture.  Post something about the most beautiful place that you have been to. I love traveling and would like to see new places that I've never been to before.
    Moab Utah
    Yellowstone Wyoming
    Lake Powell Utah
    This shipwreck in Bimini: Used for smuggling alcohol back in the prohibition era

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    I've been to many cool places in my time, but here are a few of my favorites places:
  3. [​IMG]
    Tahiti was amazing...
  4. probably bryce canyon, utah or big sur, california. zion was pretty amazing as well. reaching the top of angels landing was one of the most liberating experiences of my life
  5. Beautiful :hippie:

    Can't contribute, sadly. Subbin' though
  6. Karen mcllelands pussy. Oh that's one I wont forget

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  7. Shit, there's a reason why I settled down in Darwin. It's nothing but palm trees, tropical sunsets, and ocean views. That's not to say England doesn't have its charms (and let's not forget my ancestral home in County Clare), but why live under a blanket of clouds when you can have the sun?
    Australia on the whole is a beautiful country. Even in the desert where there's nothing but total horizon, there's just something majestic about it. My honeymoon was a road trip across The Kimberly, a total frontier, absolutely striking. Don't even get me started on the west coast. And the east. I stayed with this guy on his sailboat for about a week not long after I first arrived in Queensland. He took me sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, perhaps the most beautiful, pristine, white sand beaches I've ever seen.
    Except for maybe Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is the stuff of dreams. As played out as it is, and as numb as you think you are to the images of it, the sight through your own two eyes will make your heart swell.
    The northern highlands of Vietnam really make you believe in the legends, as though you've stepped back tens of thousands of years when the dragons flew through the Earth, forming the hills and valleys before showering Ha Long Bay with their emerald karsts.
    Then there's the Peruvian Amazon, which maybe I've just elevated to imaginary proportions in the years since I lived there, but it's less about what you see and more about what you feel. The rainforest speaks for itself, but it's the people who really make the whole experience beautiful. You're surrounded by so much good, and so much biodiversity. You're closer to the Earth. Hell, closer to the sky too.
    I like places like that. Special, awe-inspiring beauty like in the Amazon or the Outback, where you can really just feel yourself in the universe.
  8. For me it was yellow stone, zion, and yosemite. I haven't done much traveling though.
  9. We need some pictures, man. I know you got some pictures.
  10. When I was 16 I went all over Italy. Such a beautiful country.
  11. Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, Canada
  12. I been lots of places but the most beautiful was the painted desert in arizona..I havent seen a pic that comes close to how it actually looks its so bright and colorful..also went and saw the arches in utah, chimney rock mountain in the fall is awesome...clearwater beach, nyc and las vegas skyline all real great
  13. A beach in Georgia, Boston, Louisiana's swamplands, places here in Texas, like Jacob's Well and lots of the hill country.
    I don't own a camera.
    But here's my smoke spot, showcasing some of that Darwin beauty.

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