Where is the most awesome place you've ever found a floor nug?

Discussion in 'General' started by hippiechick1, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I was walking away from my old campus once, leaving a dorm and i looked down on the sidewalk and saw about a gram of some very decent nug. Smoked it on the drive home :smoke:
  2. Oh...I have a lot of these.:cool:
  3. let's hear em!
  4. once, i also found some in the back seat of my car on the floor after having it detailed.
  5. Outside school, police station, at the bus stop, outside the state building, coast of Oregon, piers in San Francisco, outside the 7-11 I worked at in Chicago, along the beach of Lake Michigan, and outside Salt Lake International Airport...Midway in Chicago too.

    Odd those were the only two airports, would have figured some stoner would have been like me and got so intoxicated the night before and wound up puttin' on the jeans from that night with a half in his pocket.:cool:
  6. hahaha wow, i wish i had your luck! then again, i wish MM was legal in this state so i wouldn't have to scour the pavement looking for nug :)
  7. at our old block i used to find hella .3's n .5's stoned ass people would drop under the rolling table on accident lol

    also i found about a gram of some super rope walking out of a dispensary..someone dropped their meds!
  8. It was crazy, my Injun friend had an eye for anything green...We we're crossin' the park one day and he looks down to the grass, boom! Eighth right there.

    I always thought it was cause he had some Injun magic or some shit.:cool:
  9. My friend who doesn't smoke found at least 2g while we were walking from her car to school, and gave it to me. :hello:

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