Where is the craziest place you've toked up?

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  1. just wondering because today my cousins getting a half ounce and we're going to cedar point in ohio. ive smoked in school probably as the weirdest place though
  2. On the gondola when me and my friend went snowboarding, we were so sketched when we had to get off it :rolleyes:
  3. Airplane lavatory. Zeroed two little rips from a 1 hitter.
  4. In a bulldozer:smoke:
  5. On an elevator.
  6. My friends smoked at cedar point on the beach. Apparently more people smoke there
  7. this one place I blazed yesterday is fucking amazing:

  8. On a specific occasion where I happened to end up smoking a bowl with some kid in my own car ( he didnt actually smoke weed, he was smoking a cigarette. I'm anti cigarette and have only allowed that to happen that one time, cause I was 16 and wasted. ). It wasn't the place that was crazy (my brothers condominium parking garage, a renovated complex in the flats of Cleveland they are renovating.) but rather the situation I was in and what I was about to do.

    This is over detailed but precise, because I'm tired of people saying "I'm drunk or high so sorry if that didn't make sense"

    I happen to now be 18 ( yeah I joined the city when i was like 15) and drunk and high. If I can express myself this accurately using text then none of you bastards have any excuses.

    Fuckin lightweights.
  9. when i lived in china and i visited the great wall, hiked up a nearby mountain and burnt a joint - by far the sickest place ever. good view of the wall too
  10. I blazed in a zoo once in chitown.
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    I guess the craziest place I've toked was at the top of a cliff near a waterfall, then a valley and river.
    Fuckin amazing view
  12. i blazed in the small alley in the city, near the china town when people are around.
  13. A freezer (literally -2 F) at my old job. It was worth being super cold
  14. I blaze on the pier sometimes when I fish. Its mellow.
  15. first of all: Bravo.
    second of all: how in the hell did you pull that off?!
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    Smoking in china is like dealing crack to kids over here. The punishment in china for weed is really harsh. Pretty crazy
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    yeah once you're there though your perspective of china changes. i'd smoke all over without any problem, it really isnt an issue since cops do not approach white americans.
  18. I smoked a gram of some pretty good weed i bought in ecuador in a extremely isolated hacienda in the Andes. It was fucking badass.
  19. Smoked a 3 gram joint with a friend of mine up in a tree. We both had 3 gram doobies, so we sparked them up and started climbing. I think I could make that a new hobby: smoking and climbing. :smoke:

    The craziest? In Wal Mart parking lot. The thing is, it was packed that day. My same friend (who was mentioned above) and I sparked up a blunt and chilled outside the sliding doors. :smoking:
  20. i was with this guy i use to buy bud off, before that he was one of my best mates growing up, he's a fearless bastard when toking up one of the first times i bought off him he was walking down the road and suddenly said 'i need a joint man' starts grinding his bud and skinning up on a main road right outside a police station wtf..

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