Where is the craziest place you have rolled a doobie?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DavidBriggs, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Here is a pic of me rolling one along the river that drains out of the Zurich lake in Switzerland


    What about you?
  2. Probably inside a cops house.
  3. LOL county jail :D
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  5. Walmart, leaned up on a police cars trunk with cop in the front oblivious. lol
    IDK i kinda dont care where i am because im quick and sneaky.
  6. on a hookers ass-crack
  7. Infront of a Police Department.
  8. on a dock in Arkansas with a cattle rancher's daughter:cool:
  9. In this wee resting cranny near the top of a mountain, had like 2 sq feet of foot space haha was kinda scary
  10. sitting on a chair, while getting dome. it was actually a blunt, but oh well.
  11. In a huge forest in the fall tripping balls on some shrooms, sitting on a dead log.
  12. In a small fishing boat.
  13. dunkin motherfuckin donuts

    was sitting with two friends in parking lot right outside there doors and 3 cop cars filled with cops pulled in and we just get up and walk away rollin and the cops stare at us look back at dunkin donuts and ditch us for donuts haha it was like stoners...donuts...donuts>stoners doooonutss

    later i just punched my friend and called him an ass while i said "dude! you know they fiend for donuts!"
  14. One time i rolled a joint on a cell phone, in a moving car...and it was mids, so it should've been falling all over the place....but i was just THAT stoned, that it worked out.
  15. in the back of a vw beetle with 5 people haha
  16. in my cousin's car hotboxing it parked next to a cop car

  17. Bastard has mine! lol

    A blunt in church in a confession booth during 12PM mass on a sunday, the most frantic roll of my life :laughing:.

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