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Where is the best weed in the US/world grown?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Mr Smith, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. IMO the best grown weed is Norcal (Northern California). For indoor hydro, I'd say Holland.

    (Sorry for triple post, new to forums)
  2. and you know this because you've tried all the weed the world has to offer?
  3. The best places in the world for weed are Asia, South and Central America, Africa, Hawaii, the Carribean, etc. The only reason it's grown in Europe and North America is it's illegal and difficult to import.
  4. BC bud y'all!! Best in the world coming straight outta Canada!!!!
  5. my closet
  6. the shit i grow in my basement is the best weed in the world.
  7. my pocket.

  8. You mean besides visiting medical dispensaries, talking to people in the business about their opinions, and trying strains in Portland, BC, Boulder, Florida, as well as Amsterdam? I was actually informed of this in high school.
    A couple years ago we had a lecturer come in for the senior class to give is a "real" talk on marijuana (catholic high school btw). He stated that apart from the THC content in weed being extremely higher than the 60's, Northern California has some of the strongest weed in the country. That being said, this thread is about your opinion of where the best weed is grown.
  9. Northern California for sure mate.
  10. anywhere and everywhere that there is someone who knows a shred about growing.
  11. how dare you not include colorado.
  12. i would say the MOST good pot is grown in amsterdam... cuz we all know by now, location does not matter at all with indoor growing lol..

  13. People who believe somewhere has the dankest pot obviously dont understand anyone anywhere can grow dank weed.....

    If the question was where has the MOST (quantity) dank weed, cali would likely win, followed closely by canada, just in the number of people. (canada's population is 3 mil less than cali alone) but the amount of dank doesnt mean they have the best weed in anyway. You can get the same quality ANYWHERE, if you grow your own, or know the right people
  14. Out of the weed that Ive had and known where it came from, id say the appalachian mountains and cali are tied.

  15. Id still say cali takes the cake on quantity of dank weed.... It has more dispensaries than amsterdam has coffee shops... or so i believe hahaha, dunno if that number will be easy to produce, but cali has more people in general than all of the netherlands does by a good 30 mil

  16. My point is there is no way for you to know for sure...

  17. im thinkin your probably right now that, that's a interesting topic, i wonder how many tons of pot are actually floating around at any given time lol
  18. I agree with all that said "The pot I grow.". Doesn't get much better than complete QC and cheap at that.
  19. I think he means 1960's

  20. good point lol, fucking reading making shit all hard to decypher

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