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Where is the best place to stash your weed in a car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BEANO, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I will be going on a 2 1/2 hour trip on the highway and I have two good places that I have thought of to hide my stash. I have 2 oz's and will be traveling in a Ford F-150 with a canopy. They will be in 3 mason jars. I'm moving a bunch of things out of my dorm and taking it home, so there will be a lot of things in the back. I thought i'd swing these suggestions by the community and get opinions about which method is best:

    Suggestion #1) I thought about putting my mason jars in socks, and taping them inside my black computer. I'll be putting additional computer ribbons and wiring inside to conceal the stash. I have torx screws that fit the doors, along with stickers that would imply it's never been opened before. I don't believe that cops have torx sets on them so they wouldn't be able to open it if I hide the torx screwdriver. The downside is that it's kind of obvious (in general) that people might be hiding things in their cases. It may look suspicious and they may want to try and get inside if it I were to be searched.

    Suggestions #2) I would move all of my weed into one big ziplock bag. I would put it in my cereal (the big bag kind you get at Safeway), and superglueing the bag back shut again. The upside is that it's much less suspicious and I can put it in there and fill the bag with cereal, but if they think something is in there, they could definitely open and access it.

    Which is best? Any creative suggestions? Stories? Feel free and share. Thanks in advance.
  2. c if one of your seats has a small slit
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    My roommate (who knows i'm taking it up) wont be getting his truck until this Wednesday before I leave. I was told that if you have a trunk or a bed to hide it in, that's by far better than in the cabin... Out of my suggestions, he wants me to do the cereal method since it won't be as suspicious looking compared to a computer case... however I am stuck between them since I'm pretty sure that cops don't carry torx screws with them. They're for electronics and warranty items, and no hardware store in my town has them.
  4. cereal method I say if they find the box they wouldint open it and ruien your food unless a drug dog attacked it but they most likely wont have one on the highway
  5. I'm not really concerned about drug dogs. They usually send K-9's if someone refuses a search and if cops think there are drugs in the vehicle. I just want a safe method of transporting my stash in case shit does go down... cops can be assholes because, simply, they can =/...

    Thanks for the vote =)
  6. if i was you, i'd do the cereal method. BUT put it in an open cereal underneath the cereal bag (so your stash is in the bottom taped to the bottom of the bag and the semi-open bag of cereal on top). so when the cop ask why you got cereal, you a college student (they know college is expensive, most people live off grilled cheese sandwiches, jello or cereal everyday.

    - me? i ended up puttin into my son's diaper bag (yea yea that was wrong and it was one time
  7. if you happen to get pulled over, just refuse to have your car searched. Not giving consent for a search doesn't allow for drug dogs to be used. and i doubt you will encounter a cop with a drug dog, i've rarely seem them on the highway.
  8. just saw this today and when you mentioned the back bumper it reminded me of he video.

    IMHO you should defiantly find some other container to use besides a jar (to big). cereal method sounds pretty good. you could also consider some kinda trap. some people are able to remove the center cover of there steering wheel leaving room for a stash. if all else fails just keisterter the 3 oz's

    [ame=""]YouTube - Never Get Busted Again![/ame]
  9. In your pocket or in your trunk, then just don't do stupid shit like smoking in your car or speeding, etc, if you're worried about getting pulled over.

    Good cargo pants can hold a couple of oz's easy.

    Seriously, people seem to obsess way too much over this particular question. Just don't do stupid shit that will get you pulled over.
  10. yep for travel i always thought under consoles is good, not IN them..under.
    specially with that much at once.
    another location dependant on vehicle is behind/inside of the vent ducts. if u can easily remove the 'vent', that seems like a decent location too.
    definately keep any gram incriment scales hidden too, it could just lead an officer on to believing intent to sell..and thus a drug search.

    the cereal bag is a decent idea for a plain sight search..but if someone gets snoopy and jostles the bag around, i dunno.

    not sure how much junk u'll have in the box, but maybe putting in the bottom/under stuff and plenty of junk packed on top of it. as in..hard to find due to the effort required to reach it. really doubt your going to have to unpack your truck on the side of a road for a drug search..?

    if your sober during the drive (and/or don't wreak of mj when/if u get stopped), i really can't see there being much of an issue..
    save the bud till u get home..then destress after the drive imo. :)

  11. cant cops learn from this video too? haha
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  13. I'll do you one better:

    1. Buy three large candles.
    2. Drill out the middles of the candles.
    3. Fill candles with weed.
    4. Melt a bottom back onto candles.
    5. ????????
    6. Profit.

  14. tru dat,,, iv never really gone out of my way to stash my shit when traveling between home and school. just dont be stupid and dont drive stoned.
  15. The cup holder in most ford trucks should pull out and has a nice roomy place to stash stuff
  16. put it in your cereal box with a bunch of other food items in a box. put postage on the box. they need a warrant to search a piece of mail, and even if they go that far you have it still pretty well concealed.
  17. Place it in your trunk, I mean really the chances of you getting pulled over any time you pull out of the driveway are considerably minimal. Just use common sense and obey all traffic laws while you are riding dirty.

    Also, consider peak traffic hours. More people are on the road from the hours of 8-9am and 5-6pm. That means more cars the cops have to look out for, so they are not able to give your vehicle as much individual attention as they might be able to at 2:30am.
  18. In the fuel tank. No one will find it in there.
  19. Yeah, that gives a new meaning to Sour Diesel.:rolleyes:
    Just don't keep it on you. Cops and legally pat you down without any sort of warrant/cause/consent.
  20. Take an old console (an original Xbox, in my case) and take out all of the electronics inside. Place a bag with little holes in it of coffee beans and your stash and close it back up. Keep the back screws loose so you can easily pull them out and throw it in the trunk or under the seat.

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