Where is the best place to live and why?

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  1. I'll start. I believe Maine is one of the best places to live because: No hurricanes, tornadoes (mostly), earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, or insane heat. It's sort of cold in the winter but when you've lived here your whole life it's really not bad to deal with. The summers are great, usually anywhere between 70 and 85, sunny and not humid. Cops don't give too much of a shit when it comes to herb, it's decriminalized and becoming increasingly accepted. There's tons to do including: Camping, 4-wheeling, fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, skiing. And it's realitivley safe crime wise.
  2. Boston.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ASJBXu8tNo]YouTube - ‪Augustana - Boston‬‏[/ame]
  3. I've been to Maine once and it's definitely my favorite state besides CA. I love the atmosphere, the outdoors tons of trees, and CHEAP ass seafood... lobster and clam chowder mmmm. But I like it here in San Diego all we have to worry about are earthquakes but we haven't had any major ones yet *knocks on wood. I'm far enough away from the ocean that unless it was a massive tsunami i'm fine :smoke:
  4. Maine lobster is the best.
  5. I enjoyed new haven a lot when I visited. But still love my SD!
  6. everything you mentioned Canada pretty much beats. I'd like to live in Sweden. Large atheist pop. hot bitches.
  7. It is a matter of opinion.

    (But Madison & Chicago all the way!)
  8. The U.K. or Ireland. U.K. because i'm fascinated with their culture and history, plus a lot of my favorite bands come out of the U.K.
    Ireland because i've got a lot of Irish in me and i want to visit where my family came from. Here's a fun fact about me, apparently i'm a descendant of a former king of Scottland:D
  9. I'm from the U.K. It is a shithole.

    Anyone who tries to argue otherwise is a fool. Everyone in the U.K just dreams about moving to another country ( USA ) because there is nothing here.
  10. British columbia (BC)
    -best weed in the world
    -cheapest weed in the world (10$ a G)
    -nature everywhere
    -extremely beautiful everywhere you go
    -cops rarely care about bud
    -hot summers mild winters
    -no tornadoes,floods etc
    -overall its a mixture of every different culture and place mixed with extreme beauty
    -party capital of the world, no joke everyone wants to party 24/7
  11. San Francisco Bay Area. If not there, then SoCal. If not there either, then you're screwed. ;-)
  12. Really? Can you give me some examples? I've been wanting to visit the U.K. forever, I've talked to people who been to U.K. and they said it's a great place. I grew up in the U.S. and i hate it, probally normal to dream of moving to another country no matter where you are.

  13. If I posted some pics from outside my window you would be shown other wise.
  14. I did, the grass isn't necessarilly greener...

    But yeah, France is better. Only place in the UK i'd even consider moving back to is Scotland.
  15. as much as i bitch i want to leave, tennesse is nice. im in the eastern part. i dont really see a lot of crime. it gets up to 90-100 in the summers. some snow during the winters,

    im right near the appalachia mountains, and beautiful smokey mountains and the world famous Gatlinburg. and about an eight hour drive to the beach.
  16. Caracas, Venezuela.
    Because where else you can get whatever the fuck you want to, OR buy it, or just take it and run, no one cares about what you do, PLUS we have the best weather in the whole world hands down.
  17. You're obviously living in a bad part/know the wrong people.

    I loved the UK, wonderful place, glad I grew up there, and this is coming from someone who complains about everything - yes, the government sucks, the weather isn't exactly amazing, but it's a great place to be. The weather doesn't get too extreme, winters aren't that cold and summers are just right, great festival/rave scene, police are very tolerant of weed for the most part, with you getting cautioned the first time you get caught - if anything. People are great, some nice music coming out of the UK, hell we're the birthplace of Dubstep. It's a great country to live in, particularly for a toker, but you really have to pick where you live real careful, different areas of the UK are worlds apart, more-so than the differences between some US states.

    As for best in the world? UK's nice but definitely not the best or anywhere near, I think it really depends on the individual, everyone is suited to different climates, different people, a different social atmosphere, so just find the one that fits and gogogo :)
  18. Alaska
    Less bugs
    No reptiles
    No ticks
    No chiggers
    Nice people
    Less people
    Crazy drivers
    Gets cold
  19. NO! I can't stand Kentucky, Louisville at least, haven't gone anywhere else in Kentucky but i heard it's just a bunch of rednecks;)

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