Where is the best place to grow outdoors?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YouOweMe, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. i cant be growin on my property, moms would find it for sure, anyone know a generally good place to grow? i've thought about doing it in the woods, are the animals/light bad? i could see trees being a problem for light
  2. I grow near the river(water,not easy to find,no animals...)actualy on the river shore,near the water...
  3. Well you'd want trees to hide your grow, wouldn't you... You'd have to sacrifice a little sunlight for protection, unless you're in the middle of nowhere

    You might want to set up a small fence around your grow to protect from animals... disguise it and shit though.. The woods sound good
  4. The closer you can get to the equator the better ;) lol
  5. Spain.
  6. Somewhere they wont be found ;)
  7. try to find an area that retains water well such as near a stream or swamp. As for the animal problem you can buy deer and small game repellant at home depot or any other home improvement store. Try to find an area where other people dont walk so your crop doesnt get stolen or worse, reported. I usually chose a spot surrounded by thickets of pricker bushes, that way neither people nor animals go in there and your crop remains safe from unwanted visitors. Keep in mind though, when you go visit your crop have a couple (3-4) different ways to get there so you dont develope a trail. Trust me i have had many a crop stolen by hikers and such cuz they thought my trail was a new hiking trail.
  8. Somewhere with sunlight

    sorry i couldnt resist :p
  9. hahahaha true that Gum. That is the most important thing. If you can get a spot that has a nice clearing over it inbetween some trees and shows direct sunlight for like 6-8 hours a day then your good.
  10. spain proberly one of the best places on earth to grow mj........
  11. next to fallen or blown down trees is a good place. it will get a enough light and the fallen tree will help conceal it

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